Mums share why the best diaper for their babies is Drypers Touch

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Find out why parents think that Drypers Touch is the best diaper for their babies after a month-long trial!

It is difficult to describe the joy that our babies bring us. So despite the sacrifices that it entails, giving our little ones the very best that we can provide is something we lovingly choose to do.

When it comes to diapers, the best just got better with the introduction of Drypers Touch to the Singapore market. Twenty-five lucky parents and their babies were given a month’s supply of Drypers Touch diapers to personally experience its superior qualities – and decide whether it truly is the best for their babies.

What were their first impressions?

Although the difference between Drypers Touch and other diapers can be clearly felt, some parents still took a wait-and-see approach.


Mum Katty shared, “I was pretty amazed at how different this Drypers Touch is (compared to other diapers). The first impression are the softness of the diaper and the stretchable waist band that perfectly conform to the shape of (my baby’s) big butt! I have tried so many brands as she is a heavy wetter and often leak. Let’s see if Drypers Touch is the one for her.”

Mum Michelle sounded hopeful but skeptical, “Can’t complain about the soft texture, and we hope Treyden will soon be nappy rash free!”

Find out what the parents and their babies experienced during the month-long trial in the next page.

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