Is Your Little One Ready to Switch to Full Cream Cow’s Milk?

Is Your Little One Ready to Switch to Full Cream Cow’s Milk?

Mums, after your baby turns one, it’s time to switch his feed from formula milk to full cream cow’s milk along with a balanced diet. Here are three reasons why you should do it!

Mums, has your toddler turned 12 months old, and are you still feeding her expensive formula milk?

If you are giving your baby breast milk, that’s fine and that can continue even beyond her first year. However, if you are giving your baby formula milk thinking that you don’t have a choice, then you are mistaken.

In fact, you can now safely switch your toddler to consuming cow’s milk.

best cow milk for toddlers

We know that there are many myths around the consumption of cow’s milk by toddlers. Is it safe? Will it fulfill the nutritional requirements of a growing child? Is it easily digestible or will my child experience digestion-related discomfort? 

best cow milk for toddlers

Here are three reasons why you should opt for cow’s milk for your toddler.

1. Your child’s main source of nutrition should be proper meals

Now that your child has turned one year old, his gut (stomach) has started maturing. In the first six months of a child’s life, the stomach is not fully developed. That’s why we give children of that age milk (breast milk or formula), or introduce soft foods like purees to kick start weaning. But by year one, the child’s gut is mature enough to digest other items that are considered suitable for children.

Therefore, one year onwards, a child should derive her main nutrition from proper meals, and not just from milk.

2. Full cream cow’s milk can provide adequate nutrition to supplement proper meals

If your child is eating proper, complete meals, then your child should be on a healthy wicket if his meals are supplemented (not replaced) with full cream cow’s milk

Full cream cow’s milk is a great source of nutrition which is essential for a child’s growth and development

It’s also a great source of calcium, crucial for development of healthy bones, healthy teeth and a healthy heart, among other benefits.

In the end, this combination of proper meals plus full cream cow’s milk is enough to fulfill all of your child’s growing nutritional needs. 

3. Allow your child to develop good eating habits and reduce his dependency on milk

In fact, switching to proper meals along with full cream cow’s milk will set your child’s eating habits in the right direction.

As the child grows and becomes older, he needs to move more and more towards eating solid food (instead of only milk).

However, if your child has special allergies or nutritional requirements,  always check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Transitioning to the Right Type of Cow’s Milk

Once you have decided to switch to cow’s milk, you might wonder which type of milk is suitable for your toddler: Should you go for chilled pasteurised, powdered or UHT milk? Do they differ in their nutritional value?

best cow milk for toddlers

Given the different types and forms milk is available in, you should learn about the nutritional value of each type of milk.

best cow milk for toddlers

Since cow’s full cream milk has the highest nutritional value, children who are one to two years old should only drink full cream milk.

After two years of age, children can drink low-fat milk or even skimmed milk if there are any weight-related issues.

best cow milk for toddlers

Mums, now you know that cow’s milk has all the good nutrition that your child needs. And if you marry it to a balanced diet, your child should be on the path of healthy growth.

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