6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Find out why you need to choose baby toothpaste over regular toothpaste for your little one. Choose from our list!

Perhaps not too long ago, you eagerly awaited to see that tiny white speckle sprouting out of your baby’s gums. Now that the baby’s first tooth has emerged, some questions are popping up like when do you need to start caring for their dental health? Is using the best baby toothpaste better than regular toothpaste for your child? Is fluoride in toothpaste safe for kids? Which toothpaste brands are safe for kids? What’s the best toothpaste Singapore market has available?

Dental care for babies should start when the baby’s first tooth emerges. It usually takes about six months for a few other teeth to appear. Even before teeth develop, it is a good idea to start cleaning your child’s gums, and as soon as your baby’s teeth begin to erupt, you can start brushing them.

You could brush your baby’s teeth using a toothbrush and a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. You need not be concerned if you cannot brush much at first. The most important thing is to get your child used to brush his or her teeth daily.

Your tooth-brushing routine will undoubtedly help your child learn how to brush his or her teeth as a daily habit together with the best baby toothpaste.

Best Baby Toothpaste For Your Child
Mama's Choice Baby & Kids Toothpaste
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Dr. Brown's Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush, toothpaste Combo
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OKOASE 100% Natural Organic With Fluoride Apple Flavour Kids Toothpaste
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Orajel Baby Elmo Tooth and Gum Cleanser with Finger Brush
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Tom's of Maine Natural Children's Fluoride Toothpaste
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Jack N Jill Certified Organic Kids NATURAL CALENDULA Toothpaste
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Why using kids toothpaste rather than regular toothpaste is better?

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

There are several best toothpaste Singapore has available but when starting to brush a baby’s teeth during the early years, it is extremely important to ensure that the kids toothpaste you use is made of ingredients that are healthy for the baby.

You need to check on the toothpaste brands that dentists recommend.

The kids toothpaste used by most children and adults differs little from that used by babies. But traditional toothpaste contains components that aren’t designed for eating, and babies and toddlers don’t always know how to spit.

Make sure to check with the dentist if fluoride in toothpaste is safe for your baby.

On the other hand, the best baby toothpaste contains safe ingredients when swallowed and the best toothpaste Singapore has for your child needs to be safe.


Best Baby Toothpaste For Your Child

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

With every brand claiming to be the best toothpaste Singapore has, taking the above into consideration, here are the best children’s toothpaste products we recommend:


Mama’s Choice Toothpaste

Mamas Choice Baby & Kids Toothpaste

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Why It’s Great

Mama’s Choice Baby & Kids Toothpaste is ideal for mums looking to prevent cavities in their little ones. With the double protection of Xylitol and Hydroxyapatite, this kids toothpaste effectively contains cavities and remineralises teeth.

Available in delicious strawberry and bubble gum flavours, this kids toothpaste will surely be your kids’ new best friend in developing healthy oral habits. Even better, this is one of the toothpaste brands that are safe even if accidentally swallowed by your baby.

Features We Love:

  • Fluoride-free and contains no alcohol or added sugar.
  • Enriched with certified organic calendula that prevents gum irritation.
  • Safe for babies 6 months old up to 3 years old.


Dr. Brown’s Combo

  Dr. Browns Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush, toothpaste Combo - Best  Tooth Brushing Experience

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Why It’s Great

This two-in-one kit has a toothbrush designed like an elephant and a simple comfort grip handle for tiny hands, making the baby’s first tooth-brushing experience great.

It’s one of kids toothpaste brands that are also fluoride-free and flavourful. However, this children’s toothpaste is intended for children aged one to three.

One mum says: “My son gets so excited about brushing his teeth. I think the colour and shape of the toothbrush attract him!!! It fits perfectly in his little hands and has a cool shape!!! It’s amazing."

Features We Love:

  • Fluoride-free contains no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives, making it safe to swallow. 
  • While lying down, elephant ears avoid surface contact, and the broad base allows you to stand it up.
  • The flexible body is nice on sensitive gums and is super-soft and safe for the baby’s first teeth


OKOASE Kids Toothpaste

OKOASE 100% Natural Organic With Fluoride Apple Flavour Kids Toothpaste - Best Organic Toothpaste

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Why it’s great 

Next on our list of toothpaste brands we recommend is OKOASE. Its use of natural organic components helps keep children’s teeth clean and healthy while reducing tooth abrasion.

Your child cannot resist the urge to brush their teeth because of this children’s toothpaste’s utterly natural apple flavour and fragrance. It contains 500ppm fluoride, protecting your child’s teeth and gums against plaque and cavities. 

Features We Love:

  • This organic toothpaste will reduce tooth abrasion and promote healthy teeth according to its Certified Relative Dentin (RDA) Title.
  • OKOASE toothpaste is produced explicitly for children’s gums, and permanent and sensitive infant teeth.
  • It is gluten-free, low in fluoride, and comes with 100% natural apple flavour with a fruity aroma.


Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser

Orajel Baby Elmo Tooth and Gum Cleanser with Finger Brush - Best for Gums 

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Why It’s Great 

Orajel toothpaste has been produced particularly with little ones in mind. This children’s toothpaste is for babies as young as 4 months old up to 24 months or two years old.

It does not contain alcohol, SLS, parabens, aspartame, colours, or sugar. Fruity Fun has a delicious flavour. There are no artificial colours or dyes in this product. This best baby toothpaste and finger brush in the combo pack can soothe your baby’s delicate and sensitive gums

Parents comment that their children enjoy the berry flavour, and that it is also safe to consume.

Features that we love

  • Because it is fluoride-free, it is harmless if swallowed.
  • It is free of alcohol, paraben, aspartame, dye, sugar, SLS, dairy and gluten. 
  • It comes with an excellent finger brush included in the combo set. The finger brush can be sanitised by immersing it in boiling water or washing it by hand. 


Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Toothpaste

Toms of Maine Natural Childrens Fluoride Toothpaste - Best-Tasting Toothpaste

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Why it’s great

Tom’s of Maine Natural Children’s Fluoride Toothpaste’s strawberry flavour is a wonderful choice for newborns and younger children. 

This natural children’s toothpaste has a fruity scent to encourage kids to develop good brushing habits. It has a delicious, subtle fruity flavour that kids will enjoy brushing with every day.

“This is the only toothpaste I could find that is fluoridated, free of artificial dyes, and not minty. My kids love it," is what Lisa says about this toothpaste.

Features that we love

  • Tom’s of Maine Natural Children’s Fluoride Toothpaste is preservative-free and contains cavity-fighting fluoride.
  • This children’s toothpaste contains calcium and silica to clean teeth gently, and it is ADA Accepted and approved as safe and effective.
  • The all-natural toothpaste has a delightful, fruity flavour that will encourage kids to brush their teeth properly.  


Jack N Jill Toothpaste

Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste - Best Natural Toothpaste

6 Best Baby Toothpaste Brands For Your Precious Little One

Jack N Jill Natural Toothpaste comes in a wide range of natural kids toothpaste flavours, including banana, blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry.

Its xylitol composition will keep your child’s mouth healthy and decay-free, while organic Calendula will soothe their sensitive gums.

This toothpaste is also designed to be easy to use and mess-free. The tube is squeezable and easy to use for children of all ages.

  • The Jack N Jill Toothpaste helps establish your children’s oral hygiene habits with its wide variety of natural flavours.  
  • This natural kids toothpaste is free of toxins and fluoride, meaning this Jack N Jill Toothpaste is safe to ingest from six months (when a baby’s first teeth generally appear).
  • Natural ingredients of this Jack N Jill Toothpaste like Xylitol and Calendula help soothe gums and fight tooth decay. 


Price ComparisonPrice comparison of 6 best baby toothpaste in Singapore

Note: Each item and price is up to date as of publication. However, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.


Things to consider when choosing the best baby toothpaste  

When deciding on the best kids toothpaste for your child, it is more important to examine what ingredients the kids toothpaste does not contain closely.

There are instances where essential oils are frequently used in toothpaste and promoted as all-natural because of their natural antibacterial characteristics.

There are many options for what’s considered as best toothpaste Singapore has to offer.

But since the babies’ oral microbiomes are still evolving, such essential oil components can hinder this process.

The harsh compounds that are common in whitening toothpaste for adults should also be avoided at all costs.  Many infant or kids toothpastes is fluoride-free.

However, if you wish to find out more about whether or not to use toothpaste with fluoride, it is best to consult your physician or dentist to guide you through your decision.  

In addition to those mentioned above, you can consider the following in order to decide which kids toothpaste or toothpaste brands to choose:  

The Seal of Acceptance by ADA (American Dental Association)

The ADA seal assures you that the kids toothpaste you choose has been authorised by one of the USA’s leading dental organisations and is safe for your baby’s dental care.

Fluoride Content

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using less than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for youngsters aged 3 to 6.

There are various options for the best toothpaste Singapore has available depending on fluoride content. Make sure to check with your child’s dentist about what’s safe.


When compared to adult toothpaste, you will not discover mint flavouring in infant or kids toothpaste. Babies prefer milder flavour profiles and may find stronger flavours, such as mint, too overwhelming. Baby toothpaste has usually flavouring that tastes like fruits.

Safe to swallow

Babies haven’t yet figured out how to spit on purpose. Therefore, it is essential that the kids toothpaste used to brush your child’s teeth is safe to swallow. This is a standard feature in most infant toothpaste.


Is fluoride in toothpaste safe for kids?

Yes, fluoride in toothpaste is generally safe for kids when used as directed. Fluoride is an important ingredient in toothpaste because it helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.

However, it’s important to use toothpaste with fluoride in an appropriate amount for your child’s age. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that children under three years old use a smear of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice. Children three to six years old should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Supervising your child’s brushing is important to ensure they are not swallowing the toothpaste. Swallowing too much fluoride in toothpaste can lead to fluorosis, which can cause white spots or streaks on teeth.

If you have concerns about using fluoride in toothpaste for your child, you should talk to your child’s dentist or paediatrician. They can guide the best oral care routine for your child’s needs.


Make brushing your teeth fun with baby yoda toothpaste cap

If you’re looking for a toothpaste cap that’s going to give your kids a little more fun in the morning, the baby yoda toothpaste cap is the perfect choice.

By placing this baby yoda toothpaste cap on your child’s toothpaste, you’ll be able to make their brushing experience more enjoyable.

The baby yoda toothpaste cap is non-toxic and harmless, so it’s safe for your little one. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, which means that you won’t have to worry about any messes!

This cute little cap has a Star Wars theme and is shaped like Yoda himself. It’s made of soft silicone and fits on most regular-sized tubes of toothpaste, so it’s easy to use and won’t fall off mid-brush.

This baby yoda toothpaste cap is also dishwasher safe and can be thrown in with your kids’ other dishes without worrying about damaging it.

The baby yoda toothpaste cap is a great choice if you want something fun and whimsical for your kids’ bathroom. It will help them get excited about brushing their teeth while also teaching them that they need to take care of themselves each day!


More tips to make kids love brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of those mundane tasks that you probably don’t think much about. But it’s one of the most important things you can do for your health—especially if you’re a kid.

That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help kids love brushing their teeth!

  1. Use stickers on toothbrushes to make them special for kids.
  2. Make it a game by turning brushing into a competition. Who can brush the longest?
  3. Have them pick out their favourite toothpaste and toothbrush.
  4. Create a fun song that they can sing while they brush, like “Brush Brush Brush" or “Clean Teeth Clean Teeth Clean Teeth"
  5. Kids love rewards, so why not use them? For example, if your child brushes all their teeth for two weeks straight without complaining, then you could reward them with ice cream after dinner one night. This will help them associate brushing with something positive—which makes it much easier to get them to do it again in the future!


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