Benefits of TCM Massage Therapy for Your Child: Expert Tips from ECON Chinese Medicine

Benefits of TCM Massage Therapy for Your Child: Expert Tips from ECON Chinese Medicine

A licensed TCM Physician from ECON Chinese Medicine explains the benefits of TCM Child Massage Therapy and how it can boost immunity and combat common paediatric diseases in young children. Read on to find out more.

Child massage therapy, or Xiao Er Tui Na, is steadily gaining popularity amongst young parents in Singapore. For parents averse to treatments that require needles or oral medication, massage therapy presents a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of treatment for their children. Parents no longer wait for their little ones to fall ill before prescribing massage therapy, having discovered its effectiveness in boosting children’s general health and well-being. Growing acceptance of the ancient, tried-and-tested techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine has resulted in massage therapy becoming commonly recognised as a way to strengthen their child’s constitution and immunity, whilst promoting growth and development.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies, health and wellness are linked to movements of the body’s energy known as Qi moving smoothly through a series of channels beneath the skin. Massage therapy uses hand techniques to improve and regulate the flow of Qi and blood throughout the channels, restoring the body’s natural balance and stimulating its own healing response. Clinical investigations have proven that it can help in the treatment and prevention of paediatric diseases, especially recurrent respiratory tract infection. Treatment efficacy is more significant in younger children, so parents are advised to begin early.

Besides improving immunity, child massage therapy has countless benefits, including:

  • Boosting growth and development
  • Aiding in digestion and stimulating appetite
  • Promoting muscle and bone growth
  • Relieving stress and improving quality of sleep
  • Improving blood circulation and vision; and preventing myopia
  • Curing common diseases including common flu, fever, cough, asthma, diarrhoea, constipation, bed-wetting and colic

In order to be effective, however, do note that it is important that the therapy is administered by a certified licenced TCM physician accredited by the Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board (TCMPB).

Child Massage Therapy Success Story

massage therapy

Massage therapy can be very effective for children, and one such example is Luke Leong.  When Luke was younger and in childcare, he frequently suffered from a runny nose and flu. His basal body temperature was consistently higher than that of most children. Starting child massage therapy twice a week at ECON Chinese Medicine made his health improve steadily. Little Luke no longer suffers from a runny nose, his average body temperature has decreased, and he no longer falls sick as often as he used to. He still comes for child massage every other week to maintain his health and well-being.

This article was written by a licensed TCM Physician from ECON Chinese Medicine.

Child Massage Therapy is administered at ECON Chinese Medicine Clinics across the following locations:

Bukit Batok
230A Bukit Batok St 21
#02-423 Singapore 65123
Tel: (65) 6268 6209

51 Havelock Road
#01-25 Singapore 161051
Tel: (65) 6659 6400

Jurong | West Point Hospital
235 Corporation Drive
Singapore 619771
Tel: (65) 6262 5828



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