Benefits of colostrum for babies

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Do you know the benefits of this "liquid gold" for babies?

Dubbed as liquid gold, colostrum is oozing with unicorn and rainbow goodness. Yes, the benefits of colostrum are that good! Months before giving birth, your body actually starts producing colostrum, and this liquid will be the first thing that your baby will consume.

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the very first thing that comes out of a mother’s breasts. It is clear yellow in colour and is somewhat thicker than the actual breast milk. It is high in proteins and carbohydrates. With just a few tablespoons of colostrum, a newborn baby will be satiated.

Benefits of colostrum

The benefits of colostrum are greatly preached by advocates. It is full of immunoglobulins and antibodies that help strengthen the baby’s fragile and developing immune system. Colostrum also contains a lot of prebiotics, probiotics and oligosaccharides, which can’t be found in formulas. The laxative effect of colostrum helps prevent constipation in babies and further protects them from jaundice. This super milk is definitely the stuff that super babies are made of!

Because colostrum is high in nutrition and not in fat, breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from obesity. One of the benefits of colostrum is the fact that it contains white blood cells that help protect the body and destroy bacteria and viruses. After a few days, colostrum will change to regular breast milk so it should be consumed as often as possible.

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