5 benefits of leaving your baby’s gender a mystery

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Mum and dad, if you can wait to find out the gender of your baby, you in for handful of benefits!

There’s no denying that finding out the sex of your baby can be one of the most joyous occasions you’ll ever experience. In fact, if you choose to do so, you have nothing but my support and praise. He/she is your child and you have every right to know what sex your baby will be!

That said, there are some pretty great benefits for parents who choose to wait.

Scary Mommy recently shared an article that discusses some of the positives of waiting to find out what sex your baby is. The topic was so interesting that we figured we’d give it a go as well.

We assembled a list of 5 benefits for parents who’ve decided to leave the gender of their baby a mystery. Let’s take a look:


1. Virtue of patience

Those old wise words, “patience is a virtue”, apply here more than ever, If you can beat the urge to find out the sex of your baby through waiting and testing the limits of your patience, then your setting a strong foundation for your willpower as a new parent. Parenthood is a tough job, and you’ll need all the practice you can get at any capacity.


2. In the end, it doesn’t matter

Whatever the gender of your baby, you’re going to love him/her with all of your heart. Boy or girl, your child will be absolutely adored. As exciting as it is to reveal the big mystery during an ultrasound, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter. You’ll still love them all the same!


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