About behavioural phases: 7 annoying things that kids do that are actually good for them

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Kids go through multiple behavioural phases when they are young. Find out what these are and what the experts say about it right here.

Being a parent also means being a expert in handling the multiple behavioural phases our kids go through. We are super-patient with their demands, we negotiate with them through tantrums and answer their ton of questions.

But there are times when our young child’s nagging, demanding and tantrum-throwing do get to us.

behavioural phases

Although parents are patient at most times, a child’s continuous whining or nagging can get to them.

For instance: When we are rushing against the clock to do errands or get them to school on time, they decide to drag their feet or bombard us with a avalanche of questions.

Haven’t we all been there? I certainly have.

It goes without saying then that handling kids can definitely be a demanding and trying task.

They go through a range of behavioural phases in their early childhood and parents often find themselves questioning their decisions.

Well, here’s a consolation — it is not only your child who goes through these behavioural phases.

All kids go through very similar phases, and what’s even more comforting is that experts say that ‘these annoying’ things that kids do that are actually good for them!

behavioural phases

Does your kid dawdle when you have a ton of things to do? Did you ever think that could be a good thing?

Jude Bijou, a family therapist, also believes that this is true. She feels that our role as parents can be easier if we look differently at challenging behaviour displayed by kids.

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