Stepdad injures baby's head: How to know if your child is being abused

Stepdad injures baby's head: How to know if your child is being abused

The child was badly injured, but is now thankfully in stable condition.

One of a parent’s most crucial roles is to nurture and protect their child. However, some parents – whether related by blood or from a new marriage – are the exact opposite. Take the recent case of a stepfather physically abusing his baby in Malaysia. How can we tell if our child is being physically abused? We’ll discuss some bad stepfather signs to look out for, but first…

Stepdad violently injures 15-month-old in Malaysia

On Tuesday, a male baby who was only 15 months old was sped towards the hospital for admission. The reason? Apparently, his stepfather had lashed the little one with a cable and struck his head onto a wall.

Assistant Commissioner Mohd Rozi Jidin, the local police chief, stated that it was only then that the child’s mum filed a police report. 

The toddler was badly wounded and  was sent to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) for additional care.

bad stepfather signs

The baby was sent to the hospital for treatment after being violently injured by his stepfather. Note: image is for illustration purposes only. | Image Source: Stock Photo.

According to Mohd Rozi, authorities have apprehended the boy’s stepfather so that he can help further inspections. The stepfather, a middle-aged Myanmarese will spend seven days in custody to propel investigations under Malaysian law. 

Thankfully, Mohd Rozi says that the injured baby has stabilised. We at theAsianparent offer our condolences to the baby and his mum and wish them a speedy recovery. 

Bad stepfather signs: How to tell if your child is being abused

How a parent acts or their attitude towards a child tells a lot. Sometimes, they can even be warning signs of child abuse. Some bad stepfather signs (or any parent, in general) to watch out for include that he:

  • doesn’t care for, or appears indifferent towards the child 
  • seems unable to acknowledge if your child is suffering physically or emotionally
  • faults your child for all his issues 
  • Always trivialises or scolds your child without change, and calls them using pessimistic words like “worthless” or “evil”
  • assumes that your child will be attentive towards and care for him. He might also appear jealous if family members receive the child’s attention.
  • doesn’t hesitate to punish or discipline the child by in cruel, physical ways 
  • has an unrealistic expectations towards your child’s physical growth or school grades
  • imposes heavy restrictions on who the child can contact
  • gives an unlikely or contradictory explanation as to how your child got injured, or remains completely silent about your child’s injuries.

Remember, parents. disciplining your child is fine. But using physical violence – like slapping or hitting could leave scars emotionally. Any parent that disciplines or teaches their children but produces pain, physical wounds or emotional damage – can also be classified as child abuse.

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