Bad Maids In Singapore: Maid Bites Baby On Cheek And Ear

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Sometimes bad things can happen despite our efforts to prevent them.

The biggest fear when both parents have to work is the possibility of getting bad maids in Singapore. But to make ends meet many parents have to enlist the help of domestic maids to care for their children — some even as young as babies. And while you place your trust in this person to look after your child the same way you would, sadly, this doesn't always happen. 

Recently, a maid was charged with 10 weeks of jail time after she admitted to biting the cheek and earlobe of a six-month-old baby.

On the day of the incident, the maid was home alone doing chores with the baby boy when he started crying. Despite her efforts to pacify him, the baby refused to stop crying.

Bruises and Marks...

Bad Maids In Singapore: Maid Bites Baby On Cheek And Ear

Fortunately, the boy's grandfather made a visit to the apartment later that day and noticed the bruises and marks on the boy's face. He confronted the maid who then confessed that she bit his grandson, not once, but twice. 

The six-month-old baby was bitten on his cheek and again on his earlobe.

The Straits Times reported that the baby was taken to the National University Hospital on the same day. They found bruises on his right cheek and shoulder, and brown marks on his left cheek, right eye, and left elbow.

Despite Myanmar national Mya Pwint Phyu's claim that she did it "out of love," she was later sentenced to 10 weeks in jail which is higher than the eight weeks requested by the prosecution.

Five Ways to Spot Bad Maids in Singapore

It is never easy to distinguish between the good and bad maids in Singapore. Unfortunately, early detection is not always possible and you can't know for sure whether your child is a victim of child abuse or not.

Some parents have taken steps to prevent this by installing surveillance cameras in their homes. But you can use these five warning signs to help spot bad maids in Singapore.

1. Your Child is Anxious and Afraid of Your Maid

It is normal if your baby or child needs some time to adjust to a new caregiver or maid. They will cry in the beginning because it is a new experience for them. But if your baby or child remains upset for days on end, parents might need to do some digging to find out what is really going on.

2. Too Many 'Accidents'

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It is a caregiver's job to ensure the safety of your children and to keep an eye on them at all times. If there are too many incidences where accidents could have been avoided, that is a big red flag that something is not right. We're not saying that there are plenty of bad maids in Singapore, but if something feels amiss, you might want to check things out. Your maid might be leaving your baby unattended while doing something else.

3. Overflowing Diapers and Unkempt Baby 

It is your maid's job to handle the basics of caring for your baby or young child. But if parents come home and find a hungry baby with diapers unchanged, you might have a problem. These are warning signs your baby isn't being cared for properly.

4. Too Many Holes in Her Stories

Her stories are not adding up and you may have trouble trusting her. Trust is a very important thing especially when leaving your children in the care of other people. So do not tolerate maids who lie or deceive you in any way. Things cannot work out if there is no trust.

5. Gut Feeling 

Your instincts as a parent are your best bet. When in doubt always trust your gut feeling. If something doesn't sit well with you, always make the decision to change help. Your intuition is your best guide when sieving out bad maids in Singapore.


It might hit parents hard to find out that their children have become victims of child abuse. However difficult, it is important not to let guilt and blame take over your household. Sometimes bad things can happen despite our efforts to prevent them. So always be vigilant for any red flags or warnings — nobody wants to see a child hurt, let alone our own. 


Sources: The Strait Times, WebMD

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