Babysitter cuts kid's body up with hacksaw

Babysitter cuts kid's body up with hacksaw

Babysitters are people you usually trust your precious little ones with—otherwise you would not leave your kids with them. This case makes you think before leaving your kid with anyone—even the ones you trust. Because the lesson is costly… a little girl was hacked up into pieces…

Mummy Tarah Souders had to make a tough call of moving her three young girls into a trailer park so that she can care for her father whose lungs were deteriorating from emphysema. This was no ordinary trailer park— it’s worse than trashy—they had two-dozen convicted sex offenders as neighbours.

Babysitter cuts kid's body up with hacksaw

The convicted babysitter


The story leading to 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon’s death is a tragic one. Mummy Tarah had left Aliahna and her two younger sisters with the alleged murderer, 39-year-old Mike Plumadore, for a week because she was out with the flu. It was a deliberate choice because the family knew Mike and trusted him.

According to Mike’s neighbour Richard Patee, it was not weird that Tarah had Mike watch her daughters for over a week. He said: “They had known each other for somewhere of three to four years, I know that, and he took care of their grandfather. I didn't see any reason to question it at all."

A gory death

According to reports by the Associated Press, police have disclosed that Mike Plumadore confessed to investigators that he had “bludgeoned [Aliahna] to death last week with a brick, then dismembered her and hid her head, hands and feet at her grandfather's trailer before dumping the other remains elsewhere.”

Mike had revealed to the cops that after he was done hammering Aliahna to her death, right on the front steps of his home (surprisingly without anyone noticing) in the early hours of Thursday morning, he proceeded to stuff her body into available garbage bags and then concealed her in his freezer. He then disclosed that he used a hacksaw to dismember the body up into smaller pieces so that the remains can be stored in freezer bags.

That’s not all; Mike had actually kept Aliahna’s head, feet and hands in the trailer—locked up in some obscure part of the trailer while discarding the other parts of her body at a local business place. Cops found the body parts when they obtained a warrant to search the trailer premises.

No remorse

And the morning after the killing of a young and innocent girl, Mike strolled to the nearby convenience store to get himself a cigar to unwind—as caught on the surveillance video.
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