Baby’s bath time: A moment of bonding, play and learning

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Baby's bath time is so much more than just chore. It provides an opportunity both, for parent-child bonding as well as baby’s learning like none other.

Our babies are precious little bundles of joy and need all the tender loving care that we can give them.

While playing, snuggling and cuddling them seem like the more fun and rewarding moments of parenting, essential activities such as feeding, bath time and bedtime can sometimes feel a tiny bit tedious.

However, each of these is absolutely essential for our baby’s overall wellbeing and happy, healthy development. In fact, bath times can provide an opportunity both, for parent-child bonding as well as baby’s learning like none other.

Bath time is so much more than just an essential activity that is required to keep the baby clean – it can be a very special moment between a mum and her baby.

baby's bath time

Bath time is bonding time

Bath time is perhaps one of the rare times in the day when we mums are not distracted by anything else – it is actually a gadget-free time for most — and our entire focus and attention is just on our little one, allowing for a moment of intense bonding with her.

As she sits there splashing and playing with bubbles, it also gives us the opportunity to relax and take a breather from our busy day. This is a moment where we are physically and emotionally engaged with the baby – from washing her little arms, cleaning her her cute little face, shampooing her little head of hair to talking to her and playing with her toys.

You can sing to your little one, teach her the names of various body parts, or just join in the bubble and splash fun to intensify the bonding moment.

Interestingly, bath time is an activity that allows dads to bond with the babies too. Unlike feeding, where dads can, at most, play a supportive role – they can actually take charge of the bath time completely. In fact, in many families, bath times are often special baby-daddy bonding time.

In addition to creating a wonderful bonding opportunity, bath times can play an integral part in our baby’s emotional, physical and social development.

How can  bath times help in improving the learning and development of your child and what is the best baby’s bath time ritual? Click on the next page to find out.

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