When’s the best time to conceive

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Are you newly wed and wondering about the best time to conceive? Before you stock up on home pregnancy test kits and start spending more time in the bedroom, here are some real-life stories shared by our readers.


When is it the best time to Conceive?

If you and your spouse have not broached the topic of family planning prior to tying the knot, you may be in for a long discussion. To help you with this life-changing commitment of becoming parents, two of our readers have kindly shared the reasons behind their decisions.

Best time to conceive: Having Children Earlier

If you – like the rest of the world’s population – have spent a significant amount of time searching for “The One” before settling down to a domestic fairytale, it would be wise to start conceiving before Mother Nature slows down your biological clock and turns pregnancy into a long extended struggle.

A mother of 2 girls, Pamela shares her reasons for becoming a mother at the young age of 22: “I was afraid of how aging would affect the health of my babies. And knowing that younger mothers potentially have less pregnancy risks, it was a natural choice for me and my husband to start early.”

A year after the birth of Lauren, Pamela and her husband planned and conceived their second child. They had decided that they wanted a 2 year gap so as to foster closeness between the children, and to cut down the amount of time she had to leave work behind to commit full-time as a stay-home mom.

bondig between mother and daughter

As fate would have it for their best laid plans, Eirian was born when Lauren was 25 months old.

Pamela had suffered from severe morning sickness in both pregnancies and was glad that her child spacing plan minimized the agony during her second pregnancy as Lauren was already walking and more independent. Pamela joked: “I think if I had them any closer together, I would have gone mad from the amount of effort!”