Baby Xenia needs your prayers

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Baby Xenia is only a year old but diagnosed with SMA Type 1 (spinal muscular atrophy). She is currently warded at KKH, intensive care, and her condition is still unstable.

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Pray for Baby Xenia

Xenia needs to be on a breathing aid as the muscles near her lungs are no longer working. Therefore, being on formula milk will only worsen her condition as it may stimulate the production of phlegm and she isn’t capable of coughing it out. The doctors have already ordered for her to be on breast milk. She is currently drinking 130ml every 3 hours.

Please pray for Xenia and keep her in your thoughts and wishes.

Update on 30th July 2012

We are happy to read on Facebook that Xenia now has an adequate supply of breast milk and the mother does not require any more donations.


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