Baby won't stop crying: Furious man punches little baby causing kidney failure

Baby won't stop crying: Furious man punches little baby causing kidney failure

In a shocking case of abuse, a man punched his girlfriend's baby and flung her to the floor, because the baby won't stop crying...

A 25-year-old man severely abused his girlfriend's 10-month-old baby, just because she was constantly crying.

The little one has reportedly suffered kidney failure.

Baby won't stop crying, man gets furious

According to Channel NewsAsia, the incident happened at Kajang, Malaysia. On 22nd December 2017, the 21-year-old mother of the baby and her boyfriend apparently went to the police station to report injuries that they had found on the little one.

Kajan Police Chief Ahmad Dzaffir Yusoff shared that the baby was vomiting and bloodstains were found on her diaper. The parents had initially blamed the baby sitter.

The Police however got to the truth of the matter. The mother’s boyfriend finally confessed to his crime. He admitted that he had abused the baby as he could not tolerate the infant’s cries.

“When asked why, (he said) he could not tolerate the baby’s crying,” Mr Ahmad said. 

Apparently, the baby was punched and flung to the floor. The man had even bitten her ear.

The little baby has been diagnosed with kidney failure...

Baby won't stop crying: Furious man punches little baby causing kidney failure

Little one’s older siblings were also abused in the past

The baby has two older siblings, aged five and three years and they all lived with their mother and her boyfriend.

When the doctors at Kuala Lumpur Hospital conducted tests on the other two children, they found out old injuries. This indicates that even these kids had suffered abuse in the past.

On 24th December, the police detained the couple regarding an investigation in child abuse. They will be kept in remand till 27th December.

We feel really sorry for this baby...

No doubt, parenting is a difficult and daunting task and it can get the better of you at times. But it is in such moments that parents must exercise self-restraint and show patience towards the child.

Calming down a crying baby is an activity that demands great commitment from the parents.

Baby won't stop crying: Furious man punches little baby causing kidney failure

Baby won't stop crying: Here’s what to do

1. Start with the basics.

Babies normally cry when they are hungry or sleepy. The first thing that you could try with your crying infant is to either feed them or hold them up for burping or check if they need a diaper change.

If it is close to nap-time, you can change their position or rock them a little so that they easily fall asleep. If none of this works, may be your baby just needs some attention and could do with a little bonding time with you.

2. If the tears still won't stop, try other ways.

Many a time the baby seems to be okay otherwise but continues to cry. At such times, it is most important to keep cool and try out the following things:

  • Hold your baby close to you and talk to her or sing to her. Tell her that she will be okay.
  • Try getting out of the house. Getting outdoors for a quick walk or a short drive might help in soothing your little one.
  • Remind yourself that while it is okay to get frustrated by the incessant crying of your baby, anger won't help.
  • In case you are the only one handling your crying baby, take a break when you feel the need to. It is okay to leave the baby alone in a safe place while you gather yourself to face some more music. At the same time, be careful not to get into self-blame mode.
  • When you've tried almost everything and the baby still won't calm down, take professional help from a health expert.

3. Always remember to handle your baby gently.

You may be tempted to calm the baby at any cost, but do remember that your baby has weak neck muscles and may even need support to hold the head.

Even violently shaking the baby can be dangerous. So avoid any such harsh movements. 

In case you feel overwhelmed, seeking help and guidance is the best option.

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia, MayoClinic)

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