5 safe baby products that may be dangerous if not used properly

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Parents, read this article now and follow all the safety tips listed here. Nothing is more important that your child's safety and wellbeing...

When babies comes into our lives, along with them comes a range of specially-crafted baby products that promise to keep our little ones safe and happy, and make mum’s life easier.

Of course, this is true for the majority of baby products out there — they are perfectly safe for your baby’s use.

However, there are some popular items that could be dangerous if not used properly.

So, to help all you mums keep your sweet babies extra safe, here’s some important information* on baby-care items that are quite safe, unless used incorrectly.

1. Safety gates

Safety gates are very useful to keep your little ones out of danger, especially when they become for active and curious about their surroundings. Personally, I used safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs in our home, and also to block off the kitchen area, which can be a highly dangerous area for little ones to explore.

What could go wrong? 

Pressure mounted safety gates are those that press on to opposite walls and are sometime used by parents who want to avoid drilling holes in their walls.

While these gates can help stop your baby from going up the stairs, they may not prevent him from falling down them — so avoid using them at the top of the staircase. It’s also best to avoid accordion-style gates without a top filler bar, and gates with horizontal bars which active toddlers and babies can easily use as ‘steps’.

Safety tips

  • Use sturdy hardware-mounted safety gates, especially to block off access to steps. Your walls can be fixed but if a baby falls down a flight of stairs, the consequences could be devastating.
  • Always remember that no safety gate out there can substitute for the careful supervision of your child.

2. Baby monitors with cords

baby product safety

Cords should be at least 3 feet away from your child.

A baby monitor is an essential baby product that can help mums keep an eye on their little ones during naptime, alerting them immediately when baby wakes up.

Most of them can be used with batteries also, but of course those with cords are more practical as parents not just save on battery cost, but also don’t need to be concerned about the battery dying and the monitor turning off unexpectedly.

What could go wrong? 

Babies as young as six months have strangled on baby monitor cords, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of America, when the cords were in easy reach.

Safety tips

  • Check the location of all monitors and other products with electrical cords (also those mounted on the wall), to ensure all cords are well out of your little one’s reach.
  • Cords should be at least three feet away from your child’s sleep environment.
  • Never place a monitor on the edge of, or inside your child’s cot.
  • Be aware of blind/curtain cords as these can also pose the same strangulation risks.

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