15 Baby names inspired by Pokemon Go

15 Baby names inspired by Pokemon Go

With Pokemon well and truly back with Pokemon Go, it is inspiring parents to get out of the box and give their babies some interesting names.

Social media is driving trends and replacing many common social norms. For example, a baby name used to depend heavily on a baby’s ancestry, religion, and other influencing factors. However, people are now more in tune with what is trending and don’t mind selecting bolder names that go against convention. Some of the most popular names have often come from popular TV shows, with Game of Thrones leading the way recently.

Most new parents are now in their mid to late 20s and grew up with Pokemon. The advent of Pokemon Go, and its nostalgia has ensured that this craze is sweeping the world. The success of the game has been attributed to its perceived benefits, including helping people socialize and losing weight that rivals results of some of the most popular diets!

It is only then natural that it has eventually inspired new trends regarding baby names as well. Below we’ve listed 15 names that have been inspired by Pokemon Go.

1. Charmander

People are always glad to find this rare Pokemon. Charmander is one of the most popular Pokemons ever and makes a great, exotic sounding name.

2. Rhydon

Rhydon is one name that actually sounds fairly usual. Close alternatives like Rhyder and Rhylee have been popular around the world making Rhydon an easy fit. This popular pokemon name is associated with a very powerful pokemon character making it a bold choice.

3. Chansey

Chansey is another rare Pokemon that looks very cute. It sounds like a derivation of Chandler and can work for a baby boy or girl.

4. Scyther

The Pokemon Scyther is named for the scythes on its arms that are as fast as they are deadly. This is also a unisex name.

5. Spearow

Edgy but still fashionable, Spearow is a great sounding name. With unusual celebrity baby names like Blue Ivy and North West already taken, Spearow could be just the name you’ve been looking for.

6. Abra

Abra is another Pokemon Go inspired name that is relatively tame. It may even win your parent’s approval.

7. Kingler

King is quite a common surname, and Kingler can make a great given name.

8. Nidoran

Nidoran is the most popular unisex Pokemon name there is. It is one of the few game character names with a male and a female version making it great for parents that want a gender neutral name choice.

9. Onix

Onix has actually been a popular boys name long before Pokemon used it. Now it will also be linked to a rock snake bearing the same name. Spelling choices are Onix or Onyx.

10. Eevee

Eevee has been a popular name with girls before Pokemon could find it. The name will bear reference to the genetically flexible Pokemon.

11. Blaziken

Blaze is already a popular, alternative name for a little boy. Blaziken seems like a natural evolution of the name. Just like the Pokemon, it evolved from.

12. Lucario

Lucario sounds like a derivation of Luca and is an appropriately exotic sounding name.

13. Lugia

Lugia is another rare Pokemon with a great name. It sounds like a derivative of the popular Italian name Luigi.

14. Gengar

Gengar is a popular Pokemon with a great name and is perfect for a little boy.

15. Absol

Absol is another rare find in Pokemon Go and a great name for a boy.


With Pokemon well and truly back, this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Hopefully, our list of Pokemon Go names has inspired you to think outside the box and make a brave choice for your baby’s name!

While Pikachu or Bulbasaur may be a little too much, there are still plenty of great Pokemon names to choose from! What is your favorite Pokemon inspired name?

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