Baby gender prediction test

Baby gender prediction test

Apparently there are a whole bunch of ways to determine if you’re carrying a boy or a girl prior to scanning. Some of these means are undoubtedly wacky old wives tales—trust us, they are pretty amusing. Before you get that scan, why not take this short fun test and see if there is any truth to these myths…

Baby gender prediction test

Try out these prediction tests for the gender of your baby

Gender prediction test: Is daddy packing on the pounds?

This question is relatively amusing. You know sympathy pains? Well, this is more like sympathy weight gain. It is believed that the dad will pack on the pounds during pregnancy if a baby girl is to be had and there is no weight-gain at all if it’s going to be a boy.

There are experts in Denmark that believe that the dad’s weight is a give-away sign. In a study of 100 dads, nearly every dad who put on weight had a girl but only five dads who had a boy gained weight.

Gender prediction test: Are you experiencing cold feet?

Cold feet here meaning, literally, icy footsies – not losing your excitement about getting a newborn soon. If a soon-to-be-mom experiences cold feet, temperature wise, people would predict that a boy is on the way. But people, cold feet is a sign of poor circulation.

Hold up…it get’s better. Experts in Germany have discovered that preggy mammas who have boys are more likely to suffer from bad blood circulation. Bingo…a correlation!

Researcher Dr Alexander Nachnamen said: “Women carrying baby boys often reported having cold feet. Their circulation was in general poorer than the women who had girls.”

Gender prediction test: What is your ‘gut’ prediction?

Pun intended for this one…What is your gut feel about what’s growing in that gut of yours? A mamma knows best, as they say, right? So, your instinct is the most reliable way of knowing if a boy or a girl is growing inside you. A study showed that moms were spot on 71% of the time when they guessed the sex of their baby.

Gender prediction test: Are those boobies getting bigger on one side?

There is a circulating myth that a slightly plumper right boob indicates that you will have a boy. However if your left breast swells more then you’re more likely to have a baby you can dress in frilly pink. Scientifically speaking, due to hormonal changes during your pregnant months, there is bound to be an increase of blood flow that will result in breast tissue change. This causes the swollen, sore and sensitive-to-the-touch sensation. But there is no scientific evidence linking boob-swelling to the prediction of a baby’s gender. Try it anyway, you’ll never know.

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Watch the signs and predict your baby’s gender

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Gender prediction test: Are you having a monstrous time with morning sickness?

Surely you have heard the old wives tale that you’ll have a hell-acious time with morning sickness if you are carrying a girl and virtually little or no morning sickness if you’re pregnant with a boy. Here’s the deal, in a study done of more than one million Swedish pregnancies from 1987-1995, moms were more likely to have a serious case of morning sickness if they were carrying a baby girl.

Dr Michael Swiet, from the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in London, shared: “There could be all sorts of explanations. Morning sickness is something to do with hormones — girl babies may produce different hormones and that could be part of the problem.”

Gender prediction test: Are you carrying high?

People believe that you will have a girl if your baby bump is high and a boy if you’re carrying low. But the scientists believe that it is your baby’s muscle tone that determines the way you carry—not the gender of the baby. But go ahead and test this out anyway, people swear by this.

Gender prediction test: Is your face rounder and rosier than usual?

It’s said that if your face is very round and rosy during pregnancy, then you’re likely to be carring a sweet lil’ girl in your womb. But if you put on your smarts and think about it, most mothers will have rounder faces and maybe rosier cheeks during pregnancy – only because of all the exertion and extra weight they are carrying around.

A recent French study found that mum’s who suffer acne are 90% more likely to give birth to a girl.

Gender prediction test: What are you craving for?

This is your time to be queen. Get your overly-enthused hubby to fetch you your savoury-sweet midnight snack, all the way across town, at the corner shop in the ghetto. He will make that run without complaining!

They say that if you’re craving for sweets then you’re going to have a baby girl but if your hankering for salty stuff, then boy it is. Unfortunately scientists have decided that food cravings is just a psychological phenomenon.

Roy Pitkin, University of California’s professor of obstetrics, said: “If a woman has been raised to believe that during pregnancy one craves pickles, then she’s likely to crave pickles.”


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