Plan your baby’s full month party like a pro!

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Clueless on how to start baby full month party planning? Party planning need not be stressful, and here are 7 tips on how to plan your baby's full moon party like a pro!

baby full month party planning

Celebrate the birth of your new baby with a full month celebration, thrown for both mummy and baby.

Throwing a full month party for your new baby is a celebration for the new mother too!

In Asia, families usually celebrate the baby’s full month or full moon (满月) when the baby is about to, or, is turning one month old. It is loosely referred to as the ‘baby shower’, but it is different from that of our Western counterpart’s party, which is an event thrown during the third trimester before the baby is born, to celebrate the mother’s soon-to-be new life.

New parents are excited to share the birth of their child, but how can they pull off a baby full month party without going into a frenzy while struggling with a new baby?

If you’re planning to organise a full month party, then rest easy — we’ve done the legwork to make things easier for clueless parents.

Here are 7 steps to guide you through you baby full month party planning just like a pro:

#1: Set a date and time for the full month party

Most families usually pick a weekend to accommodate schedules. The ideal date would be on the actual day—or before—as traditional Asian families don’t believe in celebrating after the actual date.

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party, pin down dates you’d like to hold the event. That would help you let your guests to block their calendar too.

#2: Decide on who to invite to the full month party

Take time to plan your guest list. Consider how big or small a baby full month celebration you are hoping to have and will be able to manage. Don’t forget, planning for a party requires logistical arrangements and coordination with various people involved. The larger the scale, the more complex things become.

Tip: Get your husband to list down the people he’d like to invite, you do the same too, then combine the lists. If the group gets too large to handle, consider scaling down. Remember, the more guests you have, the bigger the venue will need to be and that might affect your budget if you are cost-conscious.

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party; done concurrently when deciding the date and time.

baby full month party planning

Baby full month party is a time when your family will come together to celebrate the new arrival.

#3: Look for an accessible venue and plan your budget

Once you have an estimated number of guests, start looking at venue options.

Will it be a simple baby full month celebration at your own home or at your in-law’s condominium function room? Or will you be going all out to throw a classy party at the hotel—fit for your little princess?

Shortlist a few locations, so you have options in case the top choice is taken or way out of budget. Some favourite party places require a minimum number of guests in order to book the venue and may include various packages, so you might need to check and confirm with your guests on their availability prior to booking.

Indoor venues are usually favoured due to the unexpected weather conditions. Plus, you wouldn’t want to deal with a sticky, cranky, little baby on this special day.

At the same time, start costing out how much you will need to set aside. Don’t forget the nitty gritty details such as party decor, party favours, and cakes too!

Here are some party venues which offer Full Month/Full Moon party packages for your newborn’s first party: Polliwogs (prices start from $688), Giggles (prices start from $688), Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild (prices start from $48/pax)

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party, especially for popular locations such as a cafe. They are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, so ideally, site reservations should be done early too.

Read on to find out how far ahead in advance you should invite your guests and when the food menu should be booked as part of the baby full month party planning.

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