How to make your baby’s full month celebration even more special

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Having a delicious menu for your guests is one way of making sure your baby's full month celebration is just perfect...

Mums, remember when you first found out you were pregnant?

You will probably never forget the power of the surprise, happiness and love you felt at that moment. And never did you think you could experience those emotions all over again, with even more intensity — but you did, when you set eyes on your baby for the first time.

The birth of a baby is indeed a moment for celebration, whether you are a first-time or seasoned mum. But in Singapore, like in many Asian countries, families also celebrate a baby’s full month, or full moon (满月) when their little one turns one month old.

New parents are certainly excited to share the birth of their child with their family and friends. But how can they pull off a full month party without worrying about the finer details, such as food, while trying to meet the demands of a new baby?

You could let Choz Confectionery help you out!


This mummy couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful and delicious selection of Choz Confectionery goodies at her baby’s full month party!

Why Choz Confectionery?

Choz Confectionery has plenty of experience in making baby full month celebrations truly memorable. Their cakes and other delectable goodies are carefully crafted by professionals and are exquisite to look at. But they don’t just look pretty — they taste remarkably delicious too.

Showing testament to the quality of their products, Choz Confectionery even won the Parent’s World Best of the Best Award in 2015 for babies and kids products/ services.

They have a wide range of baby full month cake packages which you can view by following this link. What’s more, if you buy 10 boxes of the same package, you get one box free. You also get to customise your baby announcement cards for free with a minimum order of 10 boxes.

Their range of desserts and and party sets is also ideal from mums looking to order delicious goodies for their baby’s full month party, with quality, quantity and value for money guaranteed.

But what better way to find out about a product than to speak to those who have tried it?

On the next page, several satisfied mums talk about Choz Confectionery’s baby full month cake packages, and find out how you too can order from Choz Confectionery too.  

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