Baby food just got better!

Baby food just got better!

Making a switch from baby food to regular food is always tricky. If you aren’t sure about how to, here’s the right way.


Nestlé cerelac

Introducing the new Nestlé® CERELAC®

Being a mother involves making lots of tough decisions. Your baby’s diet is probably one of the most crucial. As a mum, are you making sure your baby is getting exactly the right amount of vitamins and minerals? Seeing your infant slowly begin to chew on tiny bits of real food is exciting, but it is also important to ensure this transition is one that goes smoothly.

The first few years of your child’s life are the most sensitive. Although many parents ensure the first year of their child’s diet is well planned out, they do not realise the significance of maintaining a nutritional balance throughout.  A diet that is lacking in any vital factors at this stage can result in damaging your child’s health and development in the long run.

Understanding this, Nestlé® has made this process very simple for you and at the same time, extremely satisfying for your toddler. The newly launched flavours of

Nestlé® Cerelac®  are endowed with all the vitamins and nutrition your child will need through this transition phase. It also contains real bits of fruits and vegetables to encourage your baby to chew. As a mother, while you are looking to give your baby a healthy diet, your child is beginning to identify tastes and preferences, and therefore the food they are being fed needs to appeal to them as well.

Each serving of Cerelac® will provide your toddler with 12 different vitamins and minerals and contains wholegrain oats toadd to the child’s intake of dietary fibre. It also includes Probiotics to help fight harmful bacteria. Cerelac® is available in two new exciting flavours, Multi Grain Mixed Fruits ($5.50) and Multi Grain Garden Vegetables ($5.50). Both were launched this month.  Another new flavour, The Multi Grain Oats with Prunes, will be launched in November.

So if you aren’t sure about how to kick-start your kids journey into discovering real food, Cerelac® might just be the stepping-stone you need. It keeps you and your baby satisfied, and you can tick worrying about your baby’s diet off your list for the year!


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