Baby on the Way? Here’s Your Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist!

Baby on the Way? Here’s Your Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist!

Mum-to-be, here’s your second trimester To-Do-List that will help you be perfectly baby-ready!

Congratulations! You’re on your second trimester where your little one is now the size of an avocado. It’s the perfect time to make your pregnancy announcement to the world and track baby development!

The second trimester is an exciting period with a multitude of new experiences as your body goes through many changes. As you get relief from the terror of morning sickness, you will experience the very first sign of baby development – that tiny kick that feels like butterflies fluttering in your tummy!

In this trimester, you’ll also notice your growing baby bump and you will start thinking about baby names while the daddy-to-be begins to decorate the nursery.

As you enjoy all these new experiences, it is also a good time to start making your to-do-checklist to help get you ready for your little one’s grand entrance to the world.

Here are some top checklist items to get you started:

1. Eating right during pregnancy 

Entered your second trimester with a rumbling tummy? As the morning sickness fades off, your appetite for food may go into overdrive. But it’s key to keep in mind that the food you take in will be fuel for your little one’s growth, and therefore vital to proper baby development.

Have some healthy snacks for baby development within your convenient reach and load up on vitamin-rich food. And of course, it’s okay to satisfy your sweet cravings, too, with the occasional double chocolate chip cookie!

Follow these healthy diet tips to keep you in the pink of health while ensuring excellent baby development:

  • Load up on the Big 5 foods—grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and protein such as lean meat—to get the needed vitamin A, B and C for healthy baby development.
  • Make sure you are getting the additional calories that you need. It is recommended for mummies who are on the second trimester to add on 340 calories a day.
  • Folic Acid supplements are a must, as they support your placenta and ensure healthy baby development. This supplement also helps prevent early miscarriage and premature delivery.  
  • Eat Rainbow Foods (colourful fruits and vegetables) due to their unique health benefits for both you and baby development. For example, bright orange papaya ensures good gut health for you, and pretty pink raspberries provide powerful antioxidant protection for your baby.
  • Limit your exposure to pesticide residue on foods you eat. You can do this by washing your fruits and veggies in a mild solution of apple cider vinegar and water. You can also buy certified organic.  

2. Be an active Mummy  

baby development

Now that you’re past the difficult first trimester, you’ll start to feel more energetic. This makes it the perfect time to lace up and bring your baby bump out for some sunshine.

Exercising not only adds to your beautiful pregnancy glow, but it also brings several important health benefits to both you and baby. Some of these include lowering your risk of gestational diabetes, keeping your immunity humming and possibly giving baby a healthier heart. Try out some of these exercises!

  • Walking is one of the best and safest exercise for expectant mummies. It gives you a healthy dose of fresh air and is great for your heart and lungs, without hurting your ankles and knees.
  • Swimming has marvellous health benefits for you as well. Not only does it help support the weight of your growing baby, but it can ease pesky fluid retention and swelling. By swimming on your front, floating on your back (without arching your spine) and gently kicking your legs, you can have a safe and all-round workout.
  • Stationary cycling is another good exercise option.  It can be helpful especially at this stage when your belly starts to show and when regular cycling might be too strenuous.

3. Take a tour of your hospital

At this point, you may already have a birthing hospital in mind, but it’s good to be sure of your choice. The best way to get that peace of mind is to go on a hospital tour! This is the ideal way to see first-hand the maternity facilities and services offered by the hospital. Most hospital tours in Singapore (if not all), are free and usually last about 30 minutes, so don’t hold back on asking any burning questions that you may have.   

Important things to look for during a maternity hospital tour:

  • Check if the hospital has all the necessary high-risk pregnancy facilities, such as an ICU and NICU, as well as a blood bank.
  • If you have a birth plan, check whether the hospital you choose is supportive of it. For example, if you want a water birth, your hospital must have the facilities needed for one.
  • Check if lactation consultants are available to support you in breastfeeding after you give birth. 
  • Have a chat with the hospital staff and observe if the hospital has a good management system as it will impact your overall experience. Your comfort level is most important.

4. Preparing the nursery for your little one

baby development

This is perhaps one of the most exciting projects for expecting mums and dads to engage in. Creating a beautiful space for your little one can be a wonderful experience.

These nursery building ideas can help get you started:

  • The crib: Babies mostly sleep in their cribs for three years or at times even more. So, it is essential to invest in a sturdy crib.
  • The bedding: You can be creative with the crib and the bedding both and add in your own style. At the same time, avoid getting cot bumpers, pillows and heavy blankets that could increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • The changing table or changing pad: Dirty diapers are part of the parenting experience. So don’t forget to have a fixed space where you can change diapers, your baby’s clothes and so on.
  • The nursery chair: For all breastfeeding mummies, having a comfortable chair to sit on for all those midnight feeds may be a life-saver. So treat yourself a little with a nice cushy nursery chair. We suggest a glider with soothing movements for both you and baby.
  • Storage: The nursery is your little one’s future hub. So, right at the beginning have enough dressers, drawers and wardrobes for storage. An important tip is to ensure that all pieces of heavy furniture are secured to the wall to prevent them from toppling over once your baby becomes mobile.

5. Purchase a maternity insurance plan that is right for you

baby development

Perhaps this is not the most exciting item on the checklist. But it’s an extremely important item that will give you and baby’s daddy much needed peace-of-mind.

It is crucial to be financially ready for any emergencies that may arise during pregnancy. Medical expenses for each pregnancy may vary. However, any complications could rack up the hospital bill, putting you in a situation of financial distress. At this juncture, you will want to be able to focus on your baby, not the medical bills.

Look out for the following when deciding on a maternity insurance plan:

  • Essential protection for mum:  Protection for mum should start as early into the pregnancy as possible, and being well aware of the covered conditions will help you make a better choice. 
  • Protection for the baby: It is key to ensure that your baby is protected right from the start. And if your baby requires treatment in intensive care units, you should be able to receive the necessary support to get through this period without worrying about expenses.
  • Check if the insurance plan covers assisted conception treatments and whether there are additional charges.
  • Lastly, wanting the best for your baby shouldn’t always have to come at a high cost—and this is true for the insurance plan you choose, too. Sit down with your partner and have a chat on which kind of plan would give you the protection you need while meeting your budget. 

As a parent, the best gift you can give your child is the necessary support and foundation for him to stand firmly on his own two feet. Consider a maternity insurance that allows you to transfer the main plan to your little one within 60 days from birth without any health questions asked.

Whether you are switching to a healthy diet or preparing the nursery to welcome your little one, mums-to-be, we know you’re trying to do your best. In preparation for your little one’s arrival, you want to ensure that your child is not just comfortable but also well protected. We hope that this second trimester checklist has helped you do just this.

Baby on the Way? Here’s Your Ultimate Second Trimester Checklist!

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