Baby defies odds set against him

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The baby was given a 1% chance of survival. Read to see what happens to him.

Doctors gave Eli less than 1% chance of survival.

Lifenews reported that Doctors told Courtney Mitchell that her unborn son would mostly be born disabled or die, and gave the recommendation that he be aborted immediately.

Mitchell’s doctor found strange pockets of fluid in her placenta when she went for her 20-week ultrasound. After a high-risk ultrasound the next day, doctors told the couple, Courtney and Chris that Eli had genetic problems and will probably not make it outside the womb.

The doctors warned that Courtney’s life was in danger as well.

The mum commented that the doctors “said this was a partial molar pregnancy and that continuing in this pregnancy would be a severe risk to my life.”

“They recommended an immediate abortion.”


Courtney was told that she had cancer in her placenta that could easily spread to other organs, such as her liver, lungs and brains. This carries the risk of seizures, blindness and even death. She was cautioned that these risks are exacerbated the longer she carried her unborn child.

Read on to witness the journey of Eli.

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