Baby blues vs Post-partum depression: What’s the difference?

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Feeling unusually gloomy even with your bundle of joy in your arms? Find out if you're suffering from the baby blues or the dreaded postpartum depression.

postpartum depression

Finally cradling the baby in your arms is supposed to give you joy you never thought imaginable. The only problem is, you feel none of the so-called mother’s bliss. In fact, all you are is a big ball of sadness and anxiousness post-birth. Sounds like a case of baby blues… or could this be the onset of postpartum depression?

Luckily, baby blues could go away in a few weeks’ time. Postpartum depression, on the other hand, could last as short as a few weeks, but in some cases, go on for months or even years. The reason why people easily mistake baby blues to postpartum depression is because of the similarities in symptoms. But postpartum depression takes on a more serious condition, brought on by hormonal or physical changes, and the stress coupled with having a new baby.

Here are symptoms that you should watch out for:

Severe mood swings and intense irritability or anger

Baby blues may simply make you feel irritable to a certain degree, but nothing a little comfort may cure – affection from the husband, a little ‘me’ time, or a simple indulgence like chocolate.

Postpartum depression makes you feel more out of control with your anger that mood swings become extreme, sometimes triggering thoughts of harming yourself or worse, your baby.

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