These babies' irrational fear will have you in stitches

You'll never guess what these babies are afraid of. Check out this hysterical video compilation to find out what has these babies trembling in fear!

We all have fears and trepidations. Some are practical and fairly common, like a fear of spiders or snakes. Others are more unique and farfetched, like fear of open spaces or the colour yellow. These babies’ hilarious shared fear more closely resembles the latter.

These babies all have a fear of a certain body function. Okay, to be less mature—they’re afraid of farts. Whether they are self produced or otherwise, these kids just can’t handle the overwhelming horror that of flatulence.

baby fart 1 post

This little cutie has no idea what hit her! She twists and shakes in fear and confusion whenever she hears the rupture of a gas valve!

Baby fart 2

This little one trembles in fear at the sound of this common body function. Hopefully, she outgrows this fear soon enough!

baby fart 3

This pudgy little guy seems more shocked than anything. He clearly hasn't discovered the wonders of nature yet!

For more hysterical, gut-busting reactions from adorable babies, check out the video below:

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