Mums keep your bub’s tummy happy while helping to support his 360° development

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All mums want their babies' 360° development. However, they also need to make sure that the nutrients that their bubs are getting is easily digestible and easy to absorb. After all his tummy needs to be kept happy too!

We want the very best for our child.

We want to do everything it takes to make sure that they grow up to be healthy and happy and achieve their full potential.

Every mum wants to see her precious child achieve 360o development, and the process for this, starts right from the early years of life.

So mums need to understand their child’s nutritional needs so that they can help provide them with adequate nutrition with nutrients in a form that can be easily digested and absorbed to keep their delicate tummies happy.

Read on to find out about how to provide nutrition and stimulation for your precious little one.

babies 360 development

Babies’ well-rounded development involves meeting milestones in four key areas of growth.

Understanding 360o development

As a mum, you aspire for your precious child to achieve well-rounded development, which child experts assess as milestone achievements in four key areas. These are: Cognitive, Motor Skills, Communication and Emotional.

The milestones change as the little one grows older, however they all fall under one of the above 4 categories. Some of the milestones that children over six months are expected to achieve include:

  1. Cognitive: Your child will begin to explore playthings in new ways and be able to demonstrate problem solving.
  2. Motor Skills: Soon your tiny bundle of joy will graduate from crawling to walking and will also begin to scribble with crayons.
  3. Communication: The little one will be able to respond to simple questions and one-step commands. This is also the time when he would begin to utter his first few words.
  4. Emotional: Your precious little baby is growing into a toddler and one of the markers of development is that he will be able to imitate and recognise emotions.

During his early years, your little one’s growth and development correlates with the amazing neural connections taking place in his brain as he thinks and plays.

The two key foundational elements to help support well-rounded development are Stimulation and Nutrition, and as parents we are encouraged to give attention to both.

How do you help support your baby’s 360o development? Click on the next page to find out.