6 awesome things to do with your grandparents in Singapore

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Oh no, not another drama re-run! Here are some really fun things you and your grandparents can do to spend quality time together.

Is there anything else to do with grandpa and grandma other than staying at home on weekends and watching re-runs of Hong Kong drama? Actually, yes!

Here are a few things that will make quality time you spend with them fun and enriching for all.  And it doesn’t involve turning on the TV.

#1 Volunteer at an orphanage


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Nothing puts a smile on a senior’s face quicker than making children happy. Through volunteering in places like Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, everyone involved will leave with a smile on their face.

A simple activity such as reading a book to the little ones is enough to create a warm atmosphere, and will actually have you consider making this a frequent activity!


#2 City Bus Tours


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It isn’t common to know that the seniors in Singapore haven’t stepped foot into the city area for a long time. Taking a full day bus tour around the city would amaze them by seeing how much Singapore has changed, which will result in the “back in those days…” stories, which will in turn, amaze you.

There are a handful of city bus tour services offered in Singapore. One of them is DUCK & HIPPO, which offers a “hop-on and hop-off” system, where you can tour at your own leisure, perfect for when grandma or grandpa has a long story to share!


#3 Visit the Changi museum

changi museum

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Memories of WWII will always be something our old folks hold close to their hearts. It will definitely warm their hearts to look at how far our country has come since the war ended. Take them to Changi museum, where Singapore’s war time history during the Japanese occupation is showcased.

In Changi Museum, letters, pictures and drawings from then prisoners are displayed. Changi Museum conducts 45-minute guided tours and audio tours, for those who prefer to roam the museum at their own leisure. For more information, visit their website.


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