13 awesome rock bands from the past you should introduce to your kids

13 awesome rock bands from the past you should introduce to your kids

Are you sick of listening to the same songs on the radio and long for the good old music of the yesteryears? We have some great rock bands from the past for you and your aspiring mini musician to listen to!

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Can you still recall your very first gig?

Remember the time when you were growing up and music helped to soothe your soul through the tough times or helped to pump you up and give you extra courage to take on the world?

Sometimes when you hear a familiar song on the radio, it brings you right back to the past and you just have to close your eyes, listen to the music and all those memories will come flooding back until you are giddy with nostalgia.

If you want to bond with your child and show them what dad or mum is really like (besides being a nag, wet blanket or killjoy), introduce them to these awesome rock bands from the past to show them that you really are a cool parent!


1. Metallica

This well-known 80’s heavy metal band from the USA has been a great influence to a lot of other bands as well as pop culture, so this is definitely a band your kid should to check out.

The lyrics to this particular song, “Enter Sandman”, actually sounds like a children’s lullaby, although the way it’s performed might actually keep your little one up at night instead.

But there is one part of the song which is perfect for you and your child to sing together as a duet — just watch the music video and you’ll know what we mean!


2. Ramones

You know all those t-shirts you can buy at some fashion retail stores with the Ramones’ name and logo on it? Well, it’s actually not just a random design, but this is an American band formed in the 70’s who were the some of the forefathers of punk rock!

There’s even a kiddy version of the songs available on the cover album, “Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids”, which is a great sing-along soundtrack for long car rides and even parties.


3. Deep Purple


Known as one of the pioneers of hard rock, this English rock band from the 60’s and have once even made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s loudest rock band!

If your child is an aspiring guitarist, they have some great songs for her to pick up and strum along to while trying to master the axe.


4. The Rolling Stones

Yet another popular band as seen on t-shirts, if you want your child to know what exactly she is wearing as a fashion statement, sit her down and make her listen to some good old tunes from this legendary English rock band from the 60’s.

Their songs have been featured in numerous television shows and films such as Fifty Shades of Grey, Sleepy Hollow, Men in Black 3, Supernatural, True Blood and even your little one’s favourite animation, Minions!


5. Queen

This is wildly popular English rock band formed in the 70’s with songs that dominated the airwaves and major sporting events, fronted by the captivating vocalist, Freddie Mercury.

We dare you to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and not lip-sync to the lyrics complete with emotional facial expressions and dramatic hand gestures that will make your child laugh themselves silly. Go ahead. Try it.


6. Tears For Fears

If you’re looking for something a bit more pop for your kids to listen to but with fantastic poetic lyrics, listen to this 80’s English pop rock band.

One of their songs, “Mad World”, was even covered by the popular American singer, Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame.

Their singles, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Shout,” were both number one on the charts, and the number three song was “Head Over Heels” – all of which were supported by intriguing videos that received heavy MTV airplay.

Yes, back when MTV actually played music videos most of the time (don’t you miss those days?).

7. Rainbow


No, we’re not talking about the South Korean girl group, we’re actually referring to the 70’s rock band formed by former Deep Purple guitarist (refer to number 3 on this list), Ritchie Blackmore, and is one of the most iconic bands of rock and roll history, which also featured legendary vocalist, the late Ronnie James Dio.

Their music is influenced by classical music and the song lyrics which were beautifully written by Dio are about medieval themes that will give you a great opportunity to decipher the words with your child, like an English Literature project.


8. Nirvana

Do you have a couple of Beliebers in your house who will screech at the very mention of Canadian singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber?

They may have noticed that he was recently spotted wearing a $1500 Nirvana t-shirt to the previous American Music Awards and are probably wondering if it’s a new clothing label.

So enlighten your child and relive your Secondary School days at the same time by digging out your old Nirvana cassette tape and listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” together, while reminiscing the time you used to jam with your band back then…


9. The Beatles

How can you not introduce your child to this world-wide phenomenon of a band?

The Beatles were formed in the 60’s in England and are probably the most influential bands of the century!

If your child is still unconvinced, just tell her that several of their songs have been featured on the American TV series, Glee, with “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, being one of the top favourites.


10. Red Hot Chili Peppers

This tasty sounding American funk rock band from the 80’s shot to fame after the success of their album, “Mother’s Milk”, in the early 90s.

RHCP are still touring to this very day and if you’re lucky, perhaps you can snag a couple of tickets and bring your kid to watch his very first concert with you? What a fantastic bonding activity!


11. The Police

Are you getting all misty eyed just thinking about the future when your sweet little son has to serve National Service?

If he joins the police force, then you can pull out your ultimate corny parent card and dedicate this song to him.

Although after carefully listening to the lyrics of this song by the 70’s pop rock band, it can come across as being the perfect stalker song for every parent that’s worried sick about their child who’s off to navigate his way in the world!


12. Scorpions

If your child loves bugs and other creepy crawlies, perhaps he would be interested in this 60’s German hard rock band who have even been described as the “heroes of heavy metal”.

There is a great history lesson you can teach your child as well about the revolution in Eastern Europe, during the fall of the Berlin Wall, which inspired their best-selling single, “Winds Of Change”.


13. U2

Forget The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and The Wanted — Irish pop rock band, U2, which was formed in the 70s may not be the average boy band, but their catchy tunes are timeless and are touted as the biggest band in the world!

But not only have they churned out chart-topping songs, U2 are also known for their activism with global issues such as poverty and AIDS.


What are your favourite bands from the past which you would want to introduce to your kids? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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