Aviva Superfundae Funival 101: A Guide to Whacky Outdoor Fun for the Family

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Aviva Superfundae Funival promises to be oodles of fun for the whole family. Make sure you are well prepared to maximise your experience at this outdoor mega funival!

Aviva Superfundae

Aviva Superfundae Funival promises to be a fun-filled day of family togetherness

A carnival with a beer dash, piggyback racing, gourmet food, a late night movie under the stars and endless outdoor activities for kids? Yes, all this and more make up the day long extravaganza at the Aviva Superfundae Funival on June 20. It is more than a carnival, it is a funival!

With so much to explore and experience, it’s best to come prepared. So here is a guide to help you maximise your day at the funival:

One ticket gets you unlimited access to all activities; buy in advance

The funival ticket also acts as your all day pass, which gives you and your tots unlimited access to over 20 fun-filled activities including art, craft and sports. Get a good deal by buying the tickets in advance for $28 (theAsianparent readers can get an additional $3 discount using the code ASFDP1). If you leave it too late, you will have to pay more on the day at the door. There are also bundle rates available for group bookings in advance.

It’s going to be a busy day; plan your transportation well

Do remember to give yourself time to park and relax before coming over to the event grounds. It may be difficult to find parking space during peak periods, so it might be a better idea to arrive early or park at nearby venues such as Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage. Alternatively, taking the MRT is also a convenient way to get there.

There will be plenty of outdoor fun so carry the essentials

Remember the event is outdoors, so don’t forget to bring sun block, mosquito spray, hats and sunglasses. Carry water bottles to keep the family hydrated, especially after participating in the plethora of outdoor challenges and fun races.

Kids are going to get busy with Nerf missions, Transformers challenges and Ninja quests. Parents will get to show off their competitive streak, too! While mummy and daddy participate in a beer dash, kids have to make do with a milk dash (and scooter races!). Do join the piggy back race where dads will have to carry the mums on their backs – there will be lots of cheering and giggling at this one.

And remember, no need for any food, as there will be enough finger licking offerings from Pasar Bella on the day.

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