Australian police officer adopts baby kangaroo

Scott Mason, father of one, takes on the challenge of raising a kid...and a kangaroo!

Scott Mason, police officer from Western Australia, probably never expected that his career choice would lead to him adopting a kangaroo. Actually, most people don’t expect such a circumstance from their career choice. But when Mason encountered an abandoned joey after its mother had been ran down by a truck, he knew he had to intervene.

Mason, a father of one (and now a kangaroo, to boot) took on the challenge of adopting the four-month-old joey, and proceeded to name him Cuejo. The two have since formed a bond and their relationship is nothing short of adorable.

Police Officer Adopts Baby Kangaroo

Cuejo adorably tries to retreat to Mason's "pouch" as he addresses the camera.

Police Officer Adopts Baby Kangaroo

Here's a look at Cuejo nestled into the shirt of his newly appointed parent! I wonder if Scott holds his baby like that!

Police Officer Adopts Baby Kangaroo

Look out Australia: there's a new sheriff in town—and his name is Cuejo.

(Images via Western Australian Police)

Can't get enough of Cuejo and his new daddy? Check out the full video here for more!

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