Ignite your child’s love for timeless tales with these audio stories

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Award-winning master storyteller Jim Weiss will be in Singapore from the 8th to the 15th of March 2015 to conduct 3 amazing programs. Read to the end to know how to attend these events.

Audio stories are a great way to introduce kids to the world of books and reading. Some wonderful audio stories are distributed in Singapore and throughout Asia by Seeds of Knowledge Pte Ltd. 

These CDs are fascinating, as the stories are not read word for word from the book. Instead, Jim Weiss tells these stories in his own words without veering away from the original.

seeds of knowledge singapore

Seeds of Knowledge Singapore: Audio stories are a great way of introducing literature to your kids.

Kids will have no problem understanding Weiss’s accent as they are quite accustomed to watching programs done in America and Australia, such as the Disney channel and Hi-5.

Benefits of listening to audio stories

  • Just like how children listen to their teacher speak in class, listening to these audio stories can improve their auditory skills even though are there no visuals accompanying the story.
  • These stories are great for kids to learn the correct pronunciation for certain words, even  if they are advanced and independent readers. Some kids know how a word looks in print but struggle with the pronunciation at times.


seeds of knowledge singapore

Kids and grown ups will get hooked listening to these stories from Seeds of Knowledge Singapore

  • Jim Weiss encourages kids to read the books that he reads in the recordings. These audio stories, therefore, are a great way to get kids, even the slightly reluctant ones, interested in reading.