15 Astounding photos that offer a look at beautiful home births

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers recently shared these powerful images to raise home birthing awareness for mums!

Contrary to what you may have heard, home births are still very uncommon. In fact, in the United States, the rate by which mothers opt for a planned home birth is only 2%.

Perhaps it's a preference mothers have for wanting to birth their child in a hospital as opposed to the comforting confines of their homes. Or, there's simply a lack of awareness of what a home birth is like.

A picture says a thousand words. Maybe that's why The Huffington Post reached out to the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers in order to share the emotional experience that a home birth offers. Take a look at these intimate, and stunning photos of mothers and their home birth experiences and get a better understanding of the wondrous spectacle of child birth from home.


Photographer: Kristie Robin

“This was a very fast home birth. In fact, this little lady was in such a hurry that I was only a few minutes away from missing the birth entirely! Just before I left them to settle in, I drew mama and baby an herbal bath to help slow things back down for them.”


Photographer: Elliana Gilbert

“Three members of the same family (including their not-quite-2-year-old) each in their own zone, waiting for their lives to be changed forever!”


Photographer: Mamarazzi Photography

“I love the expression this mother had when she realized she did it! She delivered her 9-plus pound baby at home with the support of her kids and parents, as well as her doula and midwives. The baby’s father, who is in the military, got to listen in throughout (and hear his third son’s first cry) on a cell phone.”


Photographer: Love by Krista Evans Photography

“This elated dad looks at the placenta and he and the midwife talk about how healthy it looks.”


Photographer: Tara Leach Photography

“This recent home birth, in England, happened very quickly. I think I arrived about 20 minutes before the mother delivered — only about an hour or so after she went into labor! Women are so strong when giving birth. It’s so remarkable, yet largely goes unseen.”


Photographer: Santa Cruz Birth Photographer

“My client told me: ‘Having a good support team during the 40 hours of my birthing process was the only thing that got me through.’”


Photographer: Samantha Parks Portraiture

“This couple welcomed their first child at home with the help of their midwife and her assistant. The mother labored throughout the day with love and care from her supportive husband, and then well into the night as well.”


Photographer: Lane B Photograpy

“When I arrived at this family’s home, I walked in to find the 2-year-old sound asleep on his mother’s belly while she quietly worked through contractions that were only a few minutes apart. She told me that she found comfort in having her boys around her while she labored. They were a welcome distraction during contractions. After he woke up, they played until the mum suddenly couldn’t talk through her contractions anymore and she felt the urge to push.”


Photographer: Paulina Splechta

“Sometimes women’s labors aren’t quick and it takes a while for the baby to descend. During her beautiful, peaceful, 23-hour-long labor, this mama went for a walk with her husband around their neighborhood. They made stops to focus and breathe through her powerful contractions.”


Photographer: Spot of Serendipity 

“She did it—and it’s a boy! This was this mother’s third baby, her first at home after two hospital births.”


Photographer: Isabell Steinert Photography

“This was from an outside water birth about two hours outside of Manila, Philippines. The midwives spent almost two days with this mother whose labor would pick up and then stall again. They chose to try some exercises — and they worked! Here, they’re using the ‘rebozo sifting technique.’ The baby’s name is ‘Sinag,’ which means ray of light. He was born under the light of the full moon.”


Photographer: Denice Lachapelle Photography

“During this home birth, there was an overall sense of peace with both the mum and the dad-to-be. It was my first home birth I had photographed, and it was overwhelmingly beautiful. There were several moments were I had to take a pause to gather myself. It was simply the most beautiful experience for me as a photographer thus far.”


Photographer: Amor Em Foco

“This mother, in Brazil, gave birth within hours. She caught her baby herself!”


Photographer: Alanna Farmer Photography

“This is right after this couple’s baby was born and they found out they had a boy. They were overjoyed when they first heard their baby boy cry.”


Photographer: Vuefinder Photography 

“You just never know where in your home your baby decides it wants to be born. The living room floor is what this little girl chose!”