Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Co-funding

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In Singapore co-funding for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) was introduced in Aug 2008. To find out more about ART Co-funding read this article.


Assisted reproductive technology and co-funding

The assisted reproductive technology (ART) co-funding scheme covers in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) with or without intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT).

You can qualify for co-funding if the assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment is done at a public hospital and if you meet all the following criteria:

a. Either you or your husband must be a Singapore Citizen at the start of the ART cycle;

b. You have no more than one living child with your husband.

c. You are below 40 years of age at the start of the cycle;

d. You have been assessed by your doctor to have met the clinical requirements for ART;

e. Your treatment is a fresh cycle;

f. You have no more than two embryos transferred during the cycle; and

g. You have not received three co-funded cycles in the past.

How much is co-funded?

The government will co-fund the costs of a fresh assisted reproductive technology cycle for a maximum of three cycles per patient.

The amount of co-funding varies, depending on the citizenship of the couple. For Singaporean couples, 50% or up to $3,000 is co-funded. All the standard procedures from ovarian stimulation to embryo transfer can be included in the co-funding. Initial consultations and investigations prior to a patient’s decision to start ART treatment are excluded from the co-funding.

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