Basics of Assisted Hatching (AH)

Are you trying to get pregnant but you're finding it difficult to conceive? Ask your Doctor if Assisted Hatching could help your situation...

Assisted HatchingWhat is Assisted Hatching?

Before an embryo can implant in the uterine wall, it must ‘hatch’ from the gel-like shell. In some women, particularly older women above 40, this membrane is hardened, making it difficult for the embryo to break out and implant. This is where Assisted Hatching can come in handy.

In Assisted Hatching, the technician will use a laser or a mild acid to make controlled cuts on the shell of the embryo, enabling hatching to take place, thereby improving the chance of pregnancy.

Can I choose to get help from Assisted Hatching?

“Assisted hatching is not chosen by the patient, but recommended by the doctor on a case-by-case basis,” says Dr Chia Choy May of Thomson Fertility Clinic, Singapore. She explains that it is usually recommended to older women, who fail to fall pregnant despite repeated embryo transfers with good quality embryos.

Assisted Hatching also benefits patients with elevated levels of follicle stimulating hormone(FSH).

In Singapore, Assisted Hatching can range anywhere from $ 600 – $800 depending on the various hospitals.

Watch: A short video on how Assisted Hatching works