Ask the expert: What makes MindChamps’ reading program revolutionary?

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With so many reading programs for children in the market, no one can blame parents for being overwhelmed and confused. It is imperative to understand the effective strategies behind the program. Find out what is unique and revolutionary behind MindChamps’ reading program.

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What’s unique and revolutionary about MindChamps’ reading program?

MindChamps has just created the new benchmark for language enrichment in every child – tomorrow’s reading programs, which are about thinking, understanding and interacting with the written word.

The MindChamps reading program incorporates 4 keys strategies based on methodologies that have been validated over years of worldwide research:

1.    Narrative IntelligenceTM

Adapted from the up-coming book Narrative Intelligence by award-winning authors Brian Caswell and David Chiem, MindChamps Reading builds your child’s narrative intelligence via Immersive ReadingTM and Theatrical Strategies.  These strategies help to develop your child’s higher order thinking skills and his interaction with the written content and knowledge

2.    Relationship to Reading

Relationship to Reading is about creating an engaging and positive reading experience so as to build every child’s love for reading.  It is an essential mindset for creating a ‘life-long reader’.

We get your child excited about reading. We know how important positive mental, physical and emotional states are in relation to wanting to learn.  We motivate our students to want to read because the more you want to do anything, the more you do it and the better you become at it!

3.    WordWise:  Integrated PhonicsTM

MindChamps Reading has created the Integrated PhonicsTM approach, because this has been proven to be the most effective way to master written language.  We focus on ‘meaning-making’ – explicitly teaching word sounds within the context of text. Children are able to gain real meaning and learning from what they read.

4.    Literacy-Quotient Assessment

MindChamps’ proprietary literacy assessment is the most comprehensive measurement available in any program in the world today – identifying exactly how skilled your child is in all aspects of literacy which include letter/word knowledge, reading level and fluency and depth of comprehension.

We give regular feedback – through formal literacy assessments at the beginning and end of each program, and through weekly record-taking. Students and their parents know exactly how well they are progressing. This empowers our students, and motivates them to achieve more.

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What parents and children can learn under the curriculum

Most importantly, we link the classroom to home – this means that we give our students opportunities to practise their skills at home, through our exclusively created story-books, and we know how powerful this is in advancing a child through literacy.  Our parents also attend workshops to learn the best strategies to support their child’s reading at home.

Reading is about connecting words with meaning, and experiencing the emotional and the aesthetic beauty of well-expressed language. It is this emotional connection with the act of reading that creates a reader for life.

How training professionals and teachers are selected at MindChamps

Our trainers are specially selected with early childhood education and literacy education experience.  Most importantly, we have training and accreditation workshops to continually upgrade our trainers’ skills and mindsets.

What sets MindChamps apart from its competitors

Decades of research of these six components as key to creating a successful and beneficial early-reading program:

1. Generating interest and desire

2. Integrating phonics instruction

3. Listening and reading comprehension

4. Balancing core skills and meaning-making

5. One-on-one assessment and feedback

6. Linking home and school

Parent testimonial

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“My main objective in sending my son to MindChamps Reading is for him to enjoy the lessons and the company of his peers by learning together in a fun way. I believe MindChamps has what it takes to help foster the joy in learning, to develop their cognition, listening skills and following instructions before they start to learn to read.

My son is gradually showing a greater interest in books and he wants to know what the story is about. He is learning to sound out words and enjoys playing phonetic games. I am glad that he isn’t merely barking at the prints in the books, but is more interested in the meaning of the sentences and comprehending the story.”

Mdm Linda Teo

Mother of Goh Jia Hao, Student of MindChamps Reading

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