Are your kids wearing the right shoes?

Are your kids wearing the right shoes?

Did you know that babies’ feet don’t have arches? Or that the bones in their feet are not fully formed before the age of five? Were you aware that their feet continue to grow well into the teen years?

Are your kids wearing the right shoes?

Because the shoes they wear today will affect their feet tomorrow.

You wouldn't think something as simple as their shoes would affect your child’s foot development years from now. However many adults with foot problems can point to their childhood footwear as the culprit. Preventing this in your child's future might seem a difficult task, but it is not. Start with the right pair that has the right fit, stability and breathability today!

Are your kids wearing the right shoes?My baby is starting to crawl. What kind of footwear does he need?

Babies should be barefoot as much as possible so they can move freely. If you must put your baby in footwear, get well-fitted socks or soft-sole leather pre-walkers. A baby’s foot sweats more than an adult’s, so shoe material should be breathable.

My child is starting to stand and take her first steps. What kind of shoes would suit her best?

Put her in a super-flexible, breathable, and well-fitting shoe. Up to age 5, the foot is still forming and can slip and misalign itself, possibly causing problems later in life. Get her feet measured by a children’s fit specialist. Then look for a shoe with a flexible rubber outsole and a breathable upper.


My child is starting to jump and move around more quickly. What kind of footwear does he need?

It’s time for a more stable shoe. The heel should have more cushioning while the ball should have more flexibility. The bones in your child’s feet do not fully develop until his late teens, so it is important to get him measured and fitted every two-to-three months.

Are your kids wearing the right shoes?Overall, what is important when shopping for footwear for my child?

Visit a store with professionals trained in fitting shoes for young children. Shoes should be lightweight and flexible to allow for natural foot movement. The lining should be breathable, and good traction is essential.

Is it ok to hand down shoes from one child to another?

It is not recommended. Each child has a unique gait. Handing down shoes from one child to another could potentially manipulate a child’s own natural walking pattern.


Are your kids wearing the right shoes?

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