Are Your Kids’ Toys Safe?

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Some famous toy brands were found to be potentially dangerous for kids.

One of the most festive seasons of the year is here and I’m sure that you’ve already started shopping for gifts to give to your kids. If you’re planning to buy toys for them, then make sure that you read the reports below:

Recently, a California-based advocacy group revealed that some Disney and Barbie toys were found to contain high levels of lead making them dangerous for kids. This news was quite alarming, especially for parents, as lead can cause adverse effects on children’s brains.

A review released by Good Guide showed that the famous Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster toys contain tin and antimony. Tin is potentially harmful to the immune and nervous systems while antimony is usually linked to cancer, and problems to the lungs and heart. High levels of antimony was found on the hair and nose of the Mr. Squiggles toy.

In Canada, health authorities have issued a recall for Melissa & Doug toys due to high levels of barium in their surface paint. Barium can cause vomiting and nausea, and other health problems such as high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythm. Toys included in the recall were painted wooden toys like Slice and Bake Cookie Sets, Shape Sorting Cubes and Pound-a-Peg.

Will these reports affect the way you’ll do your Christmas shopping?

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