Are Your Kids Stressed?

Survey shows that kids are actually stressed by a lot of things, including the financial status of their family.

Are your kids stressed?

Are your kids stressed?

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association shows that kids in America are more stressed than their parents actually think they are. According to USA Today, 44% of the 1,200 kids aged 8 to 17 said that they worry about doing well in school. 30%  said that they worry about finances. They were not referring to their allowance in school but they were talking about the financial status of their family.

10% felt pressured about their extracurricular activities and 8% were stressed about their relationships with their parents.

It must be surprising to know that kids can actually get stressed over things like finances. The result of the survey tells parents to be more in tune to what their kids may be feeling. They don’t really stop their stop them from worrying and feeling stressed when they try to hide things from them.

What about your kids, are they stressed?

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Written by

Karen Mira

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