Are grandmas-to-be set to steal a mummy’s thunder?

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Is it an acceptable trend for grandmas-to-be to have their very own baby showers? Find out about this latest trend...

So we hear that the latest trend now in the USA and London is grandmas-to-be having baby showers, to celebrate their new step-up in life. After discussing with some Asian mums and grandmas-to-be, the majority reacted negatively to this idea. Mothers-to-be questioned why anyone would want to steal their thunder. As for me, I found myself wondering why the majority perceived it as a selfish move.


Every excuse to celebrate!

I repeatedly asked myself how I would respond to this if I had a choice. I’m often high on life and search for reasons to celebrate with loved ones. To give a simple example, my daughter graduates this year and I’ve already planned with my girlies to pop a bottle of champagne at our children’s graduation.  Why not, right? We mums worked equally hard and deserve this celebration.

It would go without saying then that I definitely like the new trend mentioned earlier. After all, it’s not so much about grabbing the attention from mums-to-be but celebrating the stature of becoming a grandma. What’s so wrong about sharing this exhilarated feeling with the people who matter the most in your life?

Haven’t grandmas-to-be ever had a baby shower before?


Personally, I haven’t had one because I had a paranoid mum who felt that pre-celebration would bring bad luck to my pregnancy. For those who have had their share of baby showers, you can’t possibly argue with this now, can you? It’s a “grand” feeling indeed for grandmas-to-be  — your child is bringing another life into this world. It really is a reason to celebrate — even by having a baby shower!

Of course, a tiny detail to consider is to not overdo the celebration. Keeping it low-key should prevent other people from considering it a ridiculous idea. A mother would never intend to steal her child’s thunder under any given circumstances — she’d only want to celebrate the great news of her pregnancy with her.

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