Antibiotics are safe during pregnancy, new study says

Antibiotics are safe during pregnancy, new study says

This new study clears up a lot of confusion about the negative effects of antibiotics on pregnant women.

A recent study has shed new light on taking antiobitics during pregnancy.

According to Medical News Today, the study, which was led by the University of Montreal in Canada, states that antibiotics are safe during pregnancy and are no longer a cause for concern.

It was discovered that macrolide antibiotics have no negative effects on the unborn child’s development.

Macrolide anitbiotics as well as penicillin are most commonly used medications in the world. Examples of macrolide antibiotics include erythromycin, azithromycin, and clarithromycin. They are also prescribed to those with allergies to penicillin.

Misconceptions about antibiotics

In the past, it was a widely held belief that taking these types of antibiotics cause birth defects, epilepsy, or cerebral palsy.

The ones who conducted the study believed the confusion about the safety of antibiotics during pregnancy was the result of the conditions for which they were prescribed.

For instance, in women with Chlamydia, doctors often prescribed azithromycin. Since chlamydia can cause birth defects, there was some confusion that the medication azithromycin would pose the same risks.

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