Annie Yi Posts Cryptic Message, Did She Fall Out With Husband?

Annie Yi Posts Cryptic Message, Did She Fall Out With Husband?

Annie Yi posted a cryptic message on her Douyin account that seems to hint that not all is well. | Weibo/Annie Yi


Annie Yi released a statement on Tuesday night (Nov 29) denying her Douyin post was in relation to her marriage and family life. She added the dinner she had with her husband Qin Hao and a female work acquaintance was also taken out of context by the paparazzi and some netizens.

If there is a victory in a failed relationship, Annie Yi may be doing her best to find it.

In a Douyin post today (Nov 29), the Taiwanese singer uploaded a cryptic message along with an image of her eye welling up with tears, leading netizens to believe that her relationship with her Chinese husband, actor Qin Hao, isn't going well.

"I'm holding back tears in my eyes," the 54-year-old wrote in her post. "Because I know that if my tears fall, I'll lose."

Netizens were sent into a frenzy when they saw it and some realised that Annie and her husband now have no information about each other on their own Weibo accounts, Taiwan news publication United Daily News reported today.

It was also reported that Annie hasn't mentioned anything about Qin Hao, 44, since about half a year ago and that she uncharacteristically chose not to post her support of Qin Hao's latest role in a drama.

In September this year, Qin Hao was spotted by Chinese paparazzi seemingly holding hands with another woman at a restaurant, speaking animatedly with her.

Annie arrived soon after and Qin Hao became quiet, according to a report by Chinapress. 

When it comes to marriage, Annie herself has her own perspective on it, as she mentioned on a Chinese talk show in 2019.

"Whether or not marriage can give you a sense of security is a matter that's entirely up to yourself," she said, adding that she had a lot of insecurities from her childhood that she had come to terms with after her first marriage.

"It's not like your other half is a doctor, why would he treat your illness?"

Annie was previously married to Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu, 61. They broke up in 2009 and have a 20-year-old son Harrison, who is known for dressing in drag. 

She remarried Qin Hao in 2015 and has a six-year-old daughter Cindy with him.

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

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