Andy Lau’s “fair skinned” dragon baby is here!

Andy Lau’s “fair skinned” dragon baby is here!

All is well in the Andy Lau’s home. There’s finally confirmation that the baby girl is here. New daddy Andy has lot’s to spill to his fans. Read on for what he has to say…

Andy Lau

Andy Lau’s bundle of joy arrives

Hong Kong superstar Andy made an official announcement on his fan site entitled “Everything is fine”: “Sorry, I’ve made my family members wait for so long.

Apparently wifey Carol Choo and baby have made it back home safe and sound. Andy added: “Lao da [Andy’s nickname from fans] has become a lao ba [daddy], the one-week beginner course for daddy is over. Mother and daughter are healthy and safe, Happy!”

The happy new daddy gushed: “Of course, it’s difficult to be a good lao da, husband and father! However, there is endless happiness in between!”

Privacy respected

Unlike some Hollywood celebrities, Andy Lau is not going to sell his baby pictures to some tabloid or put it up for all to see.

Andi Lau appreciates that his fans are not pushy and demanding, as he is not putting up photos of his baby.

He shared: “My media friends all care about me. I have been busy and didn’t provide the news right away, I am sorry for making everyone wait. You care but you didn’t push your way. You’re curious but didn’t force your way, I appreciate that.”

As reported by Hong Kong media, the baby weighed in at 2.7kg and has fair skinned just like her Malaysian mum. No more details were given but there were speculations that the baby girl would be named gentle cloud—Yun Shan. Take part in the poll on the baby’s name here.


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