This amazing new ultrasound lets you see unborn babies like never before!

This amazing new ultrasound lets you see unborn babies like never before!

The anatomy ultrasound is not only valuable for health professionals, but also allows mums and dads to clearly see their unborn child.

One of the most exciting moments as an expecting mum or dad is to see your unborn child’s first few movements inside the womb. But these are usually very grainy images, plus you need the help of a doctor to get a good look at your child.

But through the help of new technology called anatomy ultrasound, you will now be able to clearly see your child moving inside the womb!

The ‘Anatomy Ultrasound’ Lets Doctors Capture the Most Amazing Images!

The anatomy ultrasound was developed by researchers and clinicians at the iFind project. The project aims to “allow screening of foetal abnormalities in an automated and uniform fashion.”

Researchers developed it using techniques in ultrasound, MRI, robotics, and computing. This combination of technologies makes it possible to capture the most amazing images and videos. These images are the clearest so far.

Another important point is that this type of ultrasound is safe to use in pregnancies, potentially making it a better option for mums in the future.

The members of the iFind project hope to develop their technology in order to get an even better image. They seek to eventually use four probes that move automatically to get the best images.

Looking at the videos, the images are pretty clear and spectacular! 

Check out the super cool video below:

What Exactly Is an Ultrasound?

In a nutshell, an ultrasound is a procedure wherein high-frequency sound waves are used to create photographic images.

While ultrasounds are most known for being used during pregnancy, they are also used to inspect the liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, and other organs.

For pregnant women, ultrasounds are important since they allow doctors to see if the foetus is developing properly. And of course, you get to see your child even before he or she is born.

Through the use of ultrasound, doctors can see if there are any defects, abnormalities, or any irregularities in the unborn child.

Doctors also use ultrasounds to know the baby’s gender. However, there can sometimes be misinterpretations, but these happen very rarely.

Are Ultrasounds Safe?

Generally speaking, ultrasounds are safe as long as they are conducted by a trained technician. Ultrasounds don’t use radiation or anything that can harm the baby. Ultrasounds won’t harm the mother, and they also don’t cause any discomfort.

An ultrasound uses sound waves to essentially “paint” a picture of how the baby looks inside the womb.

So rest assured that your unborn child will be safe during an ultrasound.


Source: Aleteia

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