Amazing: Twins give birth at the same time on the same day

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Identical twins Leah Rodgers and Sarah Maruiz grew up sharing everything. But, I bet they never imagined they'd share their due dates!

Growing up, Leah Rodgers and Sarah Mariuz were like two peas in a pod. This is probably due to the fact that the two are sisters and identical twins. Since childhood, they shared everything imaginable: clothes, toys, a bedroom, etc. One thing they probably never imagined they’d end up sharing, though, was their due date. Amazingly enough for these twins, that’s exactly what happened.

Shockingly, they didn’t just share their due date, they also shared the exact time of delivery. The twins both birthed their beautiful children on June 30th, at precisely 1:18AM. The 35-year-old women were only a few states away through it all. Leah birthed her son, Reid Josesph, in Denver, Colorado; Sarah gave birth to her daughter, Samantha Lynne, in La Jolla, California.

Leah Rodgers (left) and Sarah Mariuz (right) COURTESY SARAH MARIUZ AND LEAH RODGERS

Leah Rodgers (left) and Sarah Mariuz (right)

It’s easy to attribute the miraculous timing to proper planning and synchronising of pregnancies, however, the sisters claim that they never even talked about getting pregnant with one another. In an interview with PEOPLE, Sarah Maruiz said, “We didn’t plan being pregnant at the same time. But our journeys aligned, even giving birth! Twins have a special bond, it’s hard to explain.”

A special bond indeed.

“It’s that magical twin connection I suppose. There have just been certain things in our life where things just match up – it’s odd,” the new mother added.

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