Expert opinion: Coping with allergies in kids

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Do you know what to do when your kids develop an allergic reaction towards certain foods? Get tips from our expert, Dr Low Kah Tzay, on dealing with allergies in kids.

You’ve been looking forward to the day your baby hits the 6-month mark. Aside from hoping that her sleep pattern will start to improve (well, let’s see about that!), you are also ecstatic about introducing her to the world of solids!

allergies in kids

Be careful – some common foods may be the cause of allergies in kids!

But before you start fantasising about the yummiest puree combinations that you can whip up for her, you should also be aware that there are certain types of food that may cause your tot to have an allergic reaction.

In fact, there are some parents who struggle with reflux issues in their babies even before their little ones start taking solids.

However, this is nothing to be overly alarmed about. According to SingHealth, allergies are quite common in children — and it has been reported that millions of people around the world are affected by various allergy-related conditions.

allergies in kids

Is your baby hungry, tired…or simply having reflux issues after a milk feed?

To better understand about the issue of allergies in kids and the remedies to soothe the symptoms, we sat down for a chat with Dr Low Kah Tzay, Paediatric Doctor at Anson International Paediatric & Child Development Clinic, Paragon Medical Centre.

Check out Dr Low’s replies below to some of the questions that our readers have sent in.

Q: What is the recommended age to send kids for a food allergy test?

allergies in kids

Ask your doctor whether a food allergy test is necessary for your little one…

A: There is no specific age for kids to undergo an allergy test. Studies have reported that about 4-6% of children may have food allergies. At about 5 to 6 months old, parents should try introducing new foods to their baby every few days.

It is also advisable to keep track of symptoms associated to the foods and keep a food diary.

For mums who have concerns about a particular food, do take note of the food item and the relevant symptoms, and talk to your doctor about conducting a food allergy test.

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