Alleged rape of 28-day-old infant enrages Indian netizens

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The alleged rape of 28-day-old infant has once again forced India to look into woman and child safety. Read this article now.

India woke up to a horrid news piece last week, when a 28-day-old infant was reportedly raped.

The incident allegedly took place in Asif Nagla village of Khurja Dehat in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday 6 December; and the 20-year-old accused, Navin Jatar of Bulandshahr's Ramghat village has been booked under charges of rape.

According to news reports, the alleged rape of the baby took place when her parents had gone to cast their vote at the local Gram Pradhan elections. However, they noticed their daughter was bleeding profusely on Monday and rushed her to the Khurja hospital. Here, the doctors referred the baby to a higher care centre.

This is a serious accusation and we want to be thorough with the investigation. We have asked senior doctors in Lucknow to conduct another medical examination. We can only question the accused and not arrest him till we have concrete evidence," he said.

Although there were inconsistencies in the versions given by the parents of the 28-day-old baby, police are reportedly taking the matter very seriously and have said they are conducting a thorough investigation.

This incident has visibly enraged Indian netizens; with many calling it an ‘inhuman and sick act.’

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