Abusive father in Singapore fractures baby daughter's skull

Abusive father in Singapore fractures baby daughter's skull

The man - a drug addict - would harm his wife and daughter whenever he was angry or frustrated.

An unemployed drug addict, frustrated that he had no money to buy drugs, vented his anger on his 10-month baby daughter last year, by slamming her against a wall when she wouldn't stop crying. 

The force of this fractured the back of the baby's skull. 

According to a Straits Times report, the 23-year old man admitted to repeatedly abusing the baby girl on August 9 and 10 last year. 

The man reportedly has a history of using drugs since 2007. During the time he hurt his daughter, he had fallen back to his drug-taking ways, consuming them almost every day, say reports. 

Apparently, the man loses his temper very easily and too often used his baby daughter and his wife as his punching bags. 

The court was also told that the baby was terrified of the man, and would burst into tears whenever she saw him. 

abusive father in singapore

Horrific abuse

On August 9 last year, the court heard that the man threw a plastic bottle at the baby's girl's face when she would not stop crying. When he returned that evening he was in a bad mood as he had no cash to buy drugs. 

He yelled at his wife and startled the baby, who started to cry. Then, the man shoved her head against a wall. 

Deputy Public Prosecutor Sheryl Yeo is quoted by the Straits Times as saying, "the back of her [the baby's] head hit the wall. The victim fell to the mattress below, and was quickly carried away by (her mother)."

The next day, the man engaged in even more horrifying behaviour.

He had reportedly been carrying the baby when he started to bite her all over her left arm. On the evening of the same day, he also bit her ears. He reportedly had a habit of biting the child, even biting her when she was around 6 months old. 

The man was finally caught out when his father-in-law - who had been told of what his grand-daughter was going through by another family member - lodged a police report on August 13 2016. 

The baby girl was taken by police to the children's emergency department at the National University Hospital. The court heard that the baby had extensive injuries all over her body, including a fractured skull, and bruises and cuts on her face body and limbs.  

The man pleaded guilty in court "to one count each of ill-treating the baby and causing grievous hurt to her." He cannot be named due to a gag order in place to protect the baby girl. 

He remains behind bars and will be sentenced on Nov 2.

We are devastated that this little baby had to go through such a lot of abuse at such a young age. 

If you suspect someone you know (a child or adult) is being abused, do NOT wait. Immediately report the incident to the police: 

 Police Hotline (for crime-related information), 1800 255 0000; 

Or call AWARE on the appropriate number. 

You may call the same numbers if you are in an abusive relationship. 

Break the viscous cycle - it does NOT have to continue.  

Source: The Straits Times


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