Disturbing video shows maid hitting helpless old 'Yeye'

Disturbing video shows maid hitting helpless old 'Yeye'

A maid is seen repeatedly hitting an elderly, wheelchair-bound 'Yeye'. The disturbing video highlights the abuse of elderly by maids...

We have just seen a most disturbing video. In CCTV footage, a maid repeatedly hits an elderly, wheelchair-bound ‘Yeye’ (grandfather). At one point, she even raises her leg to kick him. The video shows the sad plight of old folk and the abuse of elderly by maids.

Video Shows Abuse of Elderly by Maids

The video was shared on Facebook by Phạm Thị Liên. The maid is seen hitting the helpless old man on the head every time she feeds him, or rather, forces food into his mouth. We actually feel worried if he’s going to choke.

abuse of elderly by maids

Photo: Facebook/Phạm Thị Liên

The maid shows no mercy, and at one point she raises her leg in a flying kick motion. The poor old man never retaliates. There is no provocation on his part either.

Netizens were quick to vent their anger after viewing the video.

Apparently, the maid has now been jailed. The man’s children lodged a police report after watching CCTV footage.

Netizens also say that the incident happened in Vietnam. But really, it could happen anywhere.

You can view the video here.

What Can You Do to Prevent Abuse of Elderly by Maids?

This incident puts the spotlight firmly on how vulnerable the elderly are at the hands of a maid. How can we make sure that the maid we hire is reliable? Here are some tips and precautions:

Filter using these parameters – Agency Experience (preferably > 5 years), FDW Placement Volume (> 200), FDW Retention success rate (>50) and FDW Transfer rate (0 – 10).

In case of a transfer maid, do not hesitate to contact the previous employer to better understand the maid’s nature and the reason for transfer.

  • Have a CCTV installed at home.
  • Get family members to drop in for a visit at random times.
  • Set your expectations and be clear about them.
  • Refrain from being too dependent on your maid.
  • Seek consistent feedback and communication.


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