Abbott’s infant formula meets standards in China

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Remember the recent case about a Chinese father finding a condom in his infant’s milk formula? This whole controversy was followed by a report distributed by CER Research that Abbott’s infant formulas do not meet China’s National Food and Safety Standards. Well, more factual info has been released now…

With the number of infant milk formula scares in China ranging from melamine to a condoms, people have become extra cautious when choosing their preferred brand of choice.

Just last week, CER Research agreed in the Hong Kong court to remove their report on Abbott and cease all distribution. If you’re unclear about the report CER Research distributed, click here for the full story.

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Read Abbott’s latest statement:

Abbott is pleased that its prompt action taken in the Hong Kong Courts has today (6 April 2012) ensured that parents of babies in China have access to factual information about Abbott’s infant formula.

After reviewing evidence, including detailed scientific evidence, filed by Abbott in the Hong Kong Court to refute its report, a Hong Kong court has entered an order formalizing CER’s agreement to immediately remove the damaging and misleading report on Abbott’s Infant Formula product — and related statements — from their websites. CER has also undertaken not to make further statements about the report.

This order has the effect of an injunction granted by the Court and any breach of it could put CER in contempt of court. It also comes at the same time that an internationally recognized lab confirmed that Abbott’s Similac meets China’s National Food and Safety Standards.

Above all, Abbott values the health and well-being of its customers. There’s nothing more important to us than the quality and safety of our products. We will not allow irresponsible actions such as this report, which was not based on fact or science, to threaten the trust we have with our customers and therefore we are taking all necessary legal action available to us. Parents can be confident that Similac available in China continues to be the highest quality for their babies.


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