Time to milk it! Why milk is considered one of the best drinks to give kids after exercise

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Here are more reasons to provide milk for your active child

Replenish active bodies with milk

Kids are always on the go – if they are not physically working out with sports activities, their brains are doing all the hard work, with studying, music classes and more.

Now, with the school holidays just around the corner, your kids are likely to be spending more time outdoors with friends or holiday camp activities.

This is great but remember to ensure that your active child stays well-hydrated as they sweat it out in the heat and humidity of Singapore. If they become dehydrated, they may feel lethargic and irritable. And, no one likes that!

Drinking water is great for hydration. But did you know that milk is another fantastic alternative to help restore our kids’ fluid balance after exercise? And milk not only rehydrates; it refuels the body too!

best drinks to give kids after exercise, Abbott Grow

Milk is one of the best drinks to give kids after exercise.

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