This mother has been waiting for her son for the last 16 years...

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"Every time we ask her if she wants to see her children, she says she wants to see her children. Maybe if she sees them, she will feel happy."

She was admitted into the nursing home by her son in 2001. For the last 16 years, no one has visited her from her family. Yet she continues waiting for her son…

Abandoned in nursing home

According to The Straits Times, years back, Madam Pungut Jumadi had suffered a stroke and was treated at Tan Tock Seng hospital. When she was discharged, she was admitted into the Green Acres Elderly Care Centre in Johor Bahru, by her son.

None of her family members have visited her since then. She is now 69 years old.

When she sees others getting visits from their family members, especially during occasions like Hari Raya, this mother grows sad and quiet.

Waiting for her son for 16 years: the search for her family in Singapore

The owner of the Green Acres home, Mr Yeo Kok Leong, is now searching for Madam Pungut’s family in Singapore, as her health is declining.

He tells The Straits Times, “She often says she wants to balik (go home). We want to help her fulfil her heart’s desire.” 

Her son’s name has been registered as Syahrunizal Mohamad Ali, and the address given is Ang Mo Kio, Avenue 8.

Madam Pungut meanwhile, continues to receive care at the nursing home, even though her fees have not been paid for several years. 

waiting for her son

Photo: screengrab, The Straits Times

Nurse Liew Seenah tells The Straits Times, “It is difficult for her to move around. We have to blend her food before she can eat, as she is unable to swallow normal food. We also change her diapers for her.”

“Every time we ask her if she wants to see her children, she says she wants to see her children. So we are trying to find them. Maybe if she sees them, she will feel happy.”

“We buy her new clothes during Hari Raya. All the other patients have people to visit them, except her.”

My Yeo says, “It’s not about the money. We are hoping that her son will come here to see his mother.”

No success so far

Mr Yeo has tried to find Madam Pungut’s other relatives in Malaysia, but with no success.

Efforts have also been made to contact her family based on the Ang Mo Kio address, but they have been futile as well.

We request anyone with information on Madam Pungut’s family to please come forward. 

It is ironic that we spend most of our lives caring for our children, only to be abandoned by them in old age and sickness. 

We hope Madam Pungut’s wish does come true, and she gets reunited with her family. 


Source: The Straits Times

Featured Image: Screengrab The Straits Times video

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